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January, 2010

We are happy to present new articles, videos and messages for the new issue of Spirit of Ma'at.

'The Ascension Letters' — Chapter Ten from "The Weiser's Field Guide to Ascension"

By Cal Garrison

Cal's been on a writing streak for the last two years. Her latest book, 'The Weiser's Field Guide to Ascension' is due out in March 2010. Meant to be a last minute manual for those of us who are just waking up to the reality of a dimensional shift, the ascension book looks at the nuts and bolts of the ascension process and attempts to demystify aspects of it that aren't well understood. Chapter ten is titled 'The Ascension Letters' and among other things, it includes a selection of letters that were written by some of our Spirit of Ma'at readers back in 2008.

The Beginning of a New Year

By Stephen Thomson

A new flavor of universal energy enters into our lives, and the planet on which we live, at the dawn of each New Year. This year, 2010, embodies a type of energy that we can be certain will keep us on our toes. The change in energy should be palpable to everyone. As we begin the year, the challenge that always arises in the face of unknown, is how to navigate through the waters of change. This month Steve takes us through steps of dealing with the unknown and coming to a personal understanding of its impact on our path as Spiritual people.

A conversation with Andrew D. Basiago about the hidden history of his discovery of life on Mars

Sent to us by our good friends Maribel Todd and Charles Wright

Most of us have heard about the theory that there is life on Mars. If the details have escaped us up till now it seems that Andrew D. Basiago has stepped forward to help us fill in the blanks. It's been widely rumored that Barack Obama is about to make a public statement about our connection to our star brothers — if that is the case Mr. Basiago's story makes it absolutely clear that the truth has been withheld for far too long. Don't miss this 39 part interview — it'll blow your mind.

Clearing Cellular Memory

By Phoenix Rising Star

January's meditation on Clearing Cellular Memory is available by the mp3 in English and in the written format. This meditation is the first in the Alignment of Your Heart Series. The purpose is clearing the original cellular memory of judgment and separation. May it help you on your path.

Riding the Wave of the New Age

By Julia Griffin

Julia Griffin writes about the challenges of the New Age. We are all moving through a huge transition as we move into the Age of Aquarius. Julia explains why we are feeling the way that we do, while offering strategies for riding the new waves of energy.

On Darkness and Illumination
(includes a channeled message from Archangel Michael)

By Norma Gentile

Can fear be generated now as successfully as it has been in the past? What if we could de-emphasize fear? What is the role that those stepping away from polarity and have to play in the coming few years? Here are some thoughts from Norma and Michael to assist you in your own consideration of these questions.

What does it Mean to be a Conscious Creator?

By Sarah Biermann

The fact that we create our own reality is something most of us understand — but do we really get it? As mind boggling as it seems, absolutely everything comes from us. What we may be less aware of is how much the unconscious mind has to say about what we create; because it is the Source point for all of our creations. Don't miss this article. Sarah goes beyond the theoretical and offers some really good tips on how to get out of our heads and enter fully into the manifestation process.

Let's Get Physical!

By Sarah Biermann and Saint Germain

The resolution to get back in shape comes up for many of us at this time of year. The gyms fill up with post- holiday refugees hell bent on trimming off the twenty pounds they packed on between Thanksgiving and Christmas. In the name of caring for ourselves we subject ourselves to regimens and disciplines that are in fact oxymoronic, given what we know about how life works. Check out this article. You will love Sarah's take on how our preoccupation with whipping ourselves into shape has very little to do with what it really means to love yourself.

The Fifth Dimension — What Will it be Like?

By Jelaila Starr

Our friend Volkmar sent this article along, with apologies for its age. Written back in 2001 Jelaila Starr's thoughts ring even truer now than they did then. We talk about life in the next dimension but few of us stop to consider what it will be like to live there. With our entrance into the Fifth World predicted to be imminent how well do we understand unity and how much do we really know about polarity; are we ready to graduate? If you've been thinking about whether or not you're ready for life in the higher worlds check out this two-part article on the Fifth Dimension.

The Fifth Dimension — Part One

The Fifth Dimension — Part Two

I Walk, I Breathe, I Feel, I Write

By Heather Fraser

What does it really mean to live simply and authentically? How much do we really know about who we are and what our Soul wants when we are smothered in the noisy cacophony of busy-ness and monkey mind thinking? In this article, we can literally feel Heather's deep serenity and expansiveness of a life lived true to one's heart, and how the unconditional love of her Soul took her to this place.

Just To Live Is Holy

By Heather Fraser

Falling from grace can be a humbling experience, but always there's a great lesson in the fall. In this article Heather shares with us her very personal story of why she had to fall, how it forced her to be grounded in this world instead of escaping at every opportunity, and how it has taught her to finally be at home here on planet Earth.

Wanna Know a Secret?

By Heather Fraser

On the journey to discovering our true Divine Nature, most have us have travelled the road of seek, seek, seek — and somewhere along the way we'll be certain to find the secret to our freedom. In this article, Heather makes it clear that the road to our freedom has never been a secret; that it's only been our conditioning that has made us believe otherwise. It's only been our beliefs in the labels of "I am this or I am that" that has kept us in ignorance of our Self, and that our true self has always been and will be forevermore.

The Council of 12: 2012 & Beyond — Pivotal Moments In Time

Channeled by Selacia

This channeling arrived on our desk back in early November. It got lost in the shuffle and resurfaced on the Solstice. Re-reading it, we realized that it was totally in synch with what we had in mind for our New Year's issue. Much of what is contained in this article won't be new to you. At this point we all understand that time is accelerating and that change is imminent — but it helps to be able to frame those issues in a context that allows us to live with them. Selacia's tips on how to stay sane in the midst of a dimensional shift are right on the money. Print this one out and tape it to the fridge just in case you forget how to steer your way through changing times.

The Pending Collapse of The U.S.A.

By Timothy V. Gatto

So many of us are still in fairy-land when it comes to facing the reality of a systemic collapse; those of you who are concerned about the state of the economy will find a dose of enlightenment in this commentary by Timothy Gatto. Our thanks go out to Bill Corey for passing it along and for being the one who helps us stay tuned to the burning questions of the day.

A Mandala in Global Harmonic Resonance

By Jo Mooy

Jo's work with her group in Sarasota puts an interesting spin on our relationship with the unified field. This story showcases events that came to be because everything comes together when there is a coherent resonance vibrating at the point of attraction. On the surface Jo's essay appears to be a simple description of something marvelous; underneath it all it might prompt you to consider what might happen if we all started vibrating on the same wavelength.


Links and Videos

Conscious Media Showcase

The Spirit of Ma'at January 2010 Video Showcase

We've come up with an interesting variety of film clips and videos to start off the New Year; everything from the Secret Government, to the question of "What's real?" to the virtues of Vitamin D3 and Sunlight. Good stuff — we think you'll enjoy it. For a free ticket, click on the link.


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Drunvalo's upcoming workshops

Drunvalo's 2010 schedule includes a series of six workshops all of which will be held in Sedona, Arizona. Three of those workshops will be advanced courses for those who have already completed the "Earth-Sky-Heart" workshop. All of these seminars will be held at the SEDONA CREATIVE LIFE CENTER, in the heart of the Red Rocks.

The dates are as follows:
MARCH 1-5, 2010 — Earth Sky Heart
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Earth/Sky and Living in the Heart Workshops update

In order to make the Earth/Sky and Living in the Heart Workshops available to more people, Drunvalo has decided to keep the price for 2010 Earth/Sky and Living in the Heart Workshops (March, July and October) the same as it has been for the past several years: $555 USD for check or money order and $585 USD for credit card or wire transfer.

New in the Ma'at Shop

Selenium Humicin

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New Book by Gregg Braden: FRACTAL TIME: The Secret of 2012 and the New World Age

We love this book and we love Gregg even more. This amazing man has opened the minds of so many people. His latest book, "Fractal Time" is a beautiful piece of research. Check it out here in the Ma'at Shop.

A Sound Healing

O Rubor Sanguinis

January sound meditation
from Norma Gentile

Echoing through the centuries, Norma sings a sacred chant composed nearly a thousand years ago to bring us into a state of inner stillness.

See also Norma Gentile's CD 'Songs Of Spirit' — Live Sound Healings.

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