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Grieving the past in order to nourish your future

A Sound Healing with Norma Gentile and Archangel Michael

There is an issue that is right in front of each of us and it is demanding attention. This is an issue that is so ingrained into you that you don't even see it as something that could change. It is an issue that is so close to your life, so pervasive and so intimately connected to your daily habits and assumptions about who you are, that you have been working around it your entire life. And that is precisely what is changing now.

If you are like most people, you learned to avoid looking at this central life issue. You probably planted bushes in front of the issue, or hung decorations on it to make it look like it belonged in your life. But it doesn't. And we can't look away from it or be distracted by other events in our lives anymore.

The shrubs we planted in front of our issue died. The decorations are falling off. We watered the shrubs. We tried to re-hang the decorations. Nothing worked; because part of letting go of something is addressing it. In order to address it, we must be able to see it clearly.

Often times when this happens there is a sense of inner grief. Sometimes we grieve the bushes that we planted that have died. We think we are grieving the issue. But because we are merely grieving what we placed in front of the issue we never really get to cry the tears that we need to cry about the actual issue.

Sometimes we grieve the fact that the issue has been there for so long and we haven't yet addressed it. So we cry for ourselves not addressing the issue. Our tears may never reach deeply enough so that we are grieving the actual issue.

Grief is part of our process of releasing energetic cords or connections (such as contracts / agreements / karma) to what was present in our lives. Feeling the emotion of grief, or even sadness, is how we do this. Emotional energy moves through us when we grieve. This energy helps to both release old cords and reveal new cords. All the bushes and shrubs we planted, all the decorations we have hung are fading from our lives. It is less and less possible to look away from what we need to change.

As a human, I notice that as people grieve, the cords of connection that we have to whatever we are grieving dissolve to reveal a new luminescent cord. The luminescent cord already exists within the old cord. It is our ability to grieve that allows them to be revealed. Most often we experience grief in waves, as the old cords dissolve slowly, at a rate that matches our body's ability to integrate these energetic changes. With each wave of grieving another portion of the luminescent cord is revealed. This new cord reflects how our soul wants to be in a relationship now to whatever is changing in our lives.

These changes apply to all aspects of our life. A job that has been lost, a way of being in the world that is no longer possible, moving to a new home, a person who has died, a relationship that has ended...we form energetic cords in all aspects of our lives. Therefore we need to take time to grieve and close those aspects that have changed. The energies related to the Winter Solstice and the coming months are particularly good for this introspective work.

As we release by grieving the cycles that are indeed of the past, we allow ourselves more pleasure and support for those new cycles now entering. This is how we nourish with all of our being what is coming forth now in our lives.

What is that central life issue that you have been decorating, in order to hide it? If you can let yourself touch the grief within it, you will change.

Here is a sound healing to help you do just that

Grieving the past in order to nourish your future

Norma with Archangel Michael

Audio Recording MP3 (4 min., 9 Mb)

Copyright 2011 Norma Gentile. www.healingchants.com

About Norma Gentile

Norma Gentile


Norma Gentile, sound shaman, is a natural intuitive and channel for Mary, Archangel Michael and the Hathors. She maintains a private healing practice, offering sessions in English and Spanish, as well as singing healing concerts and teaching workshops. Her CD of live sound healings, Songs of Spirit, is available in the Maat Shop. To see and hear her sound healings, articles and podcasts at her website www.healingchants.com.

Norma's CD Songs of Spirit, is available in the Ma'at Shop or together with her other recordings at www.healingchants.com.

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