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The Shift From I To We: Good News In Cathartic Times

By CC Treadway

Something amazing is happening. The second wave Indigos are taking over. They are not angry, they are not screaming, they are not rebelling. No, no, they are loving the crap out of you. These young ones are coming of age around the world. My friends, the legends are all true, they will heal our planet with their love.

The average age of these innovators? 26. At 36, I feel like the old timer, but I also feel proud because the tracks we laid are being well used and maintained.

I returned to New York on January 1, 2011. I returned to a different city, maybe a different world. See, out in the boonies of rural Arizona, with no TV and everyone disconnected from the mainstream, it was hard to gauge where the pulse of the world was. But in a major metropolitan city, we are shown every day what other cultures are doing, current events are constantly discussed and we are part of the great antenna that broadcasts to the world.

One could say that I have changed, which would be true, but everyone else has too. Life has become a constant collaboration, partly out of need because the economic climate is so different, but also because it seems so pointless now to do everything yourself.

I see that people have changed not only in the spiritual community but in the community at large, which is great because let's face it, the spiritual community is a minority. We are the unsung heroes, meditating and lightworking our butts off in the background.

The biggest tip off that things have changed? My Wall Street-Monsanto-loving-Dad asked me for natural remedies then actually used them. He was rubbing essential oil of Cajeput on his chest and spraying Bee Pollen in his mouth as if he had just discovered a pot of gold. It's totally weird and totally awesome.



Trees planted everywhere, community gardens, and farmer's markets galore.

The Empire State Building is using renewable energy. Representatives of the wealth building landmark said in a press conference, "We are not doing this as some kind of charity project for the right thing, we are doing it because it was the best financial decision for the service." Ya gotta love the suits. But ya also gotta love the tree huggers who developed a superior product at a bargain. Can you see how powerful that is? By not separating out of the game, but engaging fiercely, the centerpiece of the capitalistic world is using renewable energy, and no one had to die for the change.



These flower power heart centered hippies are not afraid to set goals and go after them. I've never met spiritual people more grounded and focused on building a solid intention, container and plan for their vision....together. They develop their crafts like any other master, do their emotional work and aren't afraid to keep it real. They pour their hearts into their projects and care more than everyone else.

As a Gen-Xer, I had to search through the "whatevers" and the "it's all goods" to find the courage to show how much I cared. But these cats? They are in-your-face with all the caring. They go to the jungle, sit with the medicine and welcome the transformation. And I am gonna stop saying they, because We are in the same tribe. I've been waiting a long time for the world to catch up with my heart. I don't say that in arrogance, because I know I'm not alone, but this is what all of the work has been for; so we could come together to be this great shift that is Now.



The creative energy cannot be contained here. Art, music, writing, business, dance...all of it, together! Community work spaces have developed. These places are more like work and creative clubs, where people pay a membership fee and get access to art classes, office space and coffee.

There are gatherings after gatherings of people coming together to make stuff! Painting together, eating together, meditating together, singing together, visioning and loving the earth together.

For me, what is so interesting about a city, is the breakdancing backdrop of this movement: the buildings, the projects, the noises, the suits, the trains, the arts, the history, the stress, the pressure — the contrast. I love the contrast. And I love how We rest in the middle of that contrast, holding it all, judging none of it, being all of it.

There is no choosing a side, there is no "the government is doing this to us." It's an empowered stance of inclusion that says, "We are the system, and this is how We do it."

In the land of We, there is no them, because we are all reflections, expressions of the One Spirit. We are two sides of the same coin. Do we really believe this? We do.



I am seeing The Triple Goddess on fire. I am seeing women unafraid of their power, not holding back so that the insecure man can shine at their expense. Oh no, these women are talented, multifaceted, smart, confident, loving and opening to creating with other women and other men. Busting out. Not just in a Divine Feminine gathering, but out in the world.

Women are coming into the world with their ideas and innovation, and claiming their right to family and relationship. There is no one without the other. The Divine Feminine and Masculine are not separate experiences, they're an integrated experience with nothing to prove. The tracks have been laid and we are all cruising.

Women are no longer hiding in the shadows, storehouses of Earth's magic kept under wraps, nor are we fighting for our freedom. We have it. (I understand that I am in the United States where this is possible, but now that it is here, I know it will be possible in places where women do not yet have their freedom.)

We are coming together and singing each other's praises, loving loudly, and the men are right next to us. The young ones did not grow up with too much sexism, and their vibration is strong. So strong it shifts people just by walking into a room. Does this sound like utopia? It kinda feels like it. Don't wake me up.



The other day, my dear friend here in New York had a meltdown on the street. We were leaving a gathering and a lot of energy had moved through the event. I was holding her while she cried on the street, and when I looked up, what was surrounding us? Two young Indigo men holding space for her, deeply in their hearts. They were sending my friend healing energy in her moment, completely grounded, real and present. They didn't stop until she was done. Holy shit!

I am seeing The Divine Masculine waking up. It is spectacular. And not just because of their apology videos (which I appreciate), but because they are standing in their power and creating a better world with us. They are laying the bricks of change proactively and not just bitchin' about the corrupt system, or rebelling with inaction. No, they are conquering new landscapes of love by becoming greater masters of energy, talent and intelligence with the women right next to them.

I see them beginning to watch their sexual energy and let it flow wisely into the world, and into the woman. They are beginning to lead with their hearts, and when they look into the eyes of the Feminine, they are actually seeing and respecting her. And I am fanning my face now, breathe, because I have to say, I support these men, I appreciate these men, these men ignite me like lightening in the void.

The heart is not feminine, every human has one. Love is our birthright and we all can share in this blissful state of living in the heart.



I see relationships in flux in the conscious community. Partners are boldly working through eons of codependent dynamics, walking into the cauldron together and hoping for the best sometimes. We haven't fully crossed the threshold into the new place with it, and I think it is the hardest work of our times. I'm getting a little break right now, but am in deep gratitude for those couples who are transmuting this energy for the planet.

In some ways this is the last frontier for spiritual people: family and home. To create a home environment that is healthy and happy for our children to grow is the most important and sacred job we all have, and yet it is the most difficult. It hits our core, it hits everything vulnerable about us. Spiritual people like to feel invincible, like superheroes. Relationship makes us oh so human, again and again. The brave ones are not backing down, they are committing deeper, letting their love burn through the fire of their resistance, finding their power in the sacred container of relationship.

I still see men resisting standing in the fire of love, perpetually finding themselves and claiming to save the world while they can't stand by a woman, but I also see that changing. I still see women blaming men for all the wrongs in their lives and in the world, and I also see that changing.

So, let me cheer you on conscious couples and families who are braving the storm. Your love is the backbone of the New World. I see a profound shift in our future as the results of this deep, transformative work lead us to something we can't quite see yet.

And I will also cheer on the single people who are learning to love themselves and be themselves more fully, and hope to inspire you to brave the storm of relationship when it comes your way.



I hope, in the midst of the uncertainty, pain and confusion in the world at this time, that this has helped you. We are moving from I to We, recognizing the beautiful souls around us who are like minded and hearted. Whatever city or town you live in, there are young ones coming of age, ready to love you.



Copyright 2011 CC Treadway. All rights reserved.

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CC Treadway


CC Treadway, founder of Treadway Esoteric, is a healer, channel, sound healer and multidisciplinary artist. She bases her practice out of Sedona, AZ and New York City, as well as long distance through Skype. She is a graduate of the prestigious four-year program, The Barbara Brennan School of healing and teaches a Channeling Certification program, as well as a myriad of workshops on energy healing and consciousness. CC is honored to write for the Spirit of Maat.

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