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What is Magic? (Deutsch)

By Manon Tromp

When I began to write my book 'The Magic of Avalon', I started to think about the meaning of the word 'Magic'. What do we understand to be magic? It is a word full of mystery and it appeals to something inside ourselves. I looked up the word in a dictionary and according to Collin's English dictionary it means:

"The art that, by use of spells, supposedly invokes supernatural powers to influence events"

This is a beautiful phrase and certainly sounds true, but I feel it is not complete because magic refers to so much more than just that. I looked at what the word "magic" means to me and felt it has more to do with the unseen, a spiritual dimension of everything and everyone.



The root of the word magic comes from the Latin word Magus, which means wisdom. This also means your inner wisdom — not only the wisdom for example, coming from books — and how to know to use that wisdom to give your life direction. This source of inner wisdom already knows how you can cooperate with the unseen and the only thing you have to do is to remember.

Magic is not only something that is outside of us, it is also firmly present in us and there is not a logical explanation for this. The unseen influences are generally determining life: nature; humans: growth, birth, death. Life in its purest form is magic: how did it come into being, how big is the universe? These are life's mysteries we haven't been able to solve yet. The magic of life is something we have not managed to reach through "normal" routes; we'll have to find other ways for us to be able to enter that reality. We want proof and logical statements for everything that is and that happens in our modern society. Something that is strange or unusual is seen as a coincidence. People will consider you awkward if you say that that is a magical happening. In spite of that I think that deep in our hearts we do believe in magic, or at least, we would like to believe.



In our childhood fairytales are read to us and we hear beautiful stories about magicians, fairies, kings and princesses. They tell the story of a different world, not a world we live in now. As children, we become enchanted, losing ourselves in these stories and in our fantasy we are the princess or the knight. Being a child, we can maintain this state of mind for a while. Then we grow and become older and the moment of disillusion will come. You start realizing that the stories are not for real and that daily life is not a fairytale. Deceived and disappointed you are adjusting yourself and live your life. However, there is always a part in you that holds on to the magic you have experienced when you were a child.

My opinion is that magic starts much earlier within us. When we are born we bring memories along from different lives — and perhaps from other worlds that are stored in our sub-conscious. We know that magic is a natural part of life and that is why we are so surprised and disappointed, when living in our society proves that there is no space for it. From birth on our life is defined by standards and values that have much to do with our logical thinking and a little with our intuitive thinking and abilities. Growing up is tailored to make you prepared for school, university and career. There is not much space for other affairs that don't fall into this pattern. Even if you feel the drive to live a different life and to follow your heart, the way our society is built makes that very difficult. You have to adhere to all kind of rules: taxes, insurances, social charges and duties, etcetera. The distractions in this world make it difficult to come in contact with our memories of magic and we shall have to find ways to do that anyway. Otherwise, life will be very dull indeed!


Still, in times gone by things went differently

A very long time ago, far before Christ, one lived with a completely different perception to life. In the world of our ancestors everything you could see and not see, was considered alive, full of power and energy. This power and energy belongs to mountains, rocks and rivers and is also found in physical pain like a toothache or illness. Everything was connected and integrated. Spirits were very important for our ancestors: many rituals were performed to make contact with spirits in order to gain insights and answers. This spirit world was also known as the magical world, and it was integrated with the physical world in a very natural way. For many centuries this was the way life was lived, but slowly that changed, through the arrival of the church. The church prohibited all magic and pagan customs. Science too, changed the way life was lived. From the seventeenth century on a development took place that blew away all the magic. Scientists wanted to have proof and logical explanations and that is how the period of Rationalism started. There was no logical explanation for spirits, so they disappeared — at least in the Western world. Other cultures, luckily, kept holding on to their faith.


Again, magic is accepted.

We now can see that the ways of the old are returning to our Western world. After initially finding it in materialism, contemporary woman and man are realizing that something important is missing in her or his life; the conclusion follows that it is to be found inside themselves. The lessons of life of druids, shamans and priestesses have proven that these are excellent ways to find your magical self. Even science has started to prove that magic exists and that there is much more than we have thought to be possible. We are connected with each other, there is abundance and the paranormal is actually very normal. Everything is energy and if we start seeing ourselves as energetic beings and not only as physical ones, only then can we start to experience the magic of the universe consciously. Avalon, like some other places in the world, is a gateway to this magic and is a symbol for the loving energy that surrounds us. When you connect to Avalon you will connect to your magical self.

Manon Tromp

This article is from the book 'The Magic of Avalon', which is avaliable in a digital edition. Manon Tromp is a writer, singer and life coach who lives in the Netherlands. Together with Cal Garrison she is organizing the Sacred Journey to Avalon from 18 to 28 September 2011. For more information go to www.manontromp.com


FALL EQUINOX JOURNEY TO AVALON — September 18 — 28, 2011 With Cal Garrison and Manon Tromp.

To hear a little bit about the Avalon Journey, tune in to the following clip:

"Secrets of the Heart" — with Cal Garrison — Part 1: Journey to Avalon — Sept 18~28th, 2011

About Manon Tromp

Manon Tromp


Manon Tromp is a writer, singer and life coach who lives in the Netherlands. She is the author of the book: "The Magic of Avalon" and one of the founders of the first Goddess temple in the Netherlands. She organizes on a regular bases sacred journeys to Avalon.For more information: www.manontromp.com

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