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What follows is for those of us who find strength and help in the channeled messages of Esther Hicks from the "group of nonphysical beings" who call themselves Abraham.

Esther & Jerry HicksAs we might expect, Abraham's comments in response to current world events are focused on the Law of Allowing. For Abraham's central thesis, as we elucidate in the June subscription issue of the Spirit of Ma'at, is that it is only through allowing others to create whatever they choose that we can allow ourselves to do the same. If we choose to experience peace on Earth, we must allow others their own experiences.

The Law of Allowing involves being able to look at those who disagree with us and realize that they have no power over us — that we are lords in our own universe. When we fully understand who we are, Abraham says, fear disappears, and then — as one would predict — love and compassion automatically take its place. If we seek peace and power in our earthly experience, then, we have no choice other than to allow others their own ideas and experiences.

In their response to the events of September 11, Abraham said:

There has never been a greater opportunity for those who have been studying the Art of Allowing than in this powerfully focused time. There has never been a greater reason than in this time.

Most people will feel the terrible impact of today's events because the events themselves will control their thoughts. And by all standards that is understandable. The thing that we most want you to remember is that the terrible feeling in the pit of your stomach is the result of your disconnection from your Energy Source, and while you cannot control the actions of those who hijack your airplanes and fly them into your buildings, you do have control over the valve which allows or disallows the Source of Energy into your being.
When we do not ''allow'' our fellow beings, then we are not in connection with the Source Energy that fuels our own creations. So allowing is practical. When we do not achieve allowing, when we are not in the space of allowing others to create whatever they choose, then we cannot allow our own creations to manifest, either.

You will not be able to watch the events replayed on your television, and experience your connection with your Source.

You will not be able to search for the reason for the attack, and experience your connection with your Source.

You will not be able to seek revenge against those responsible, and experience your connection with your Source.
Abraham stresses the fact that allowing does not mean agreeing with another's point of view or course of action:

Some may misunderstand our message of ''Allowing,'' believing that it means to accept the actions of those responsible, seeking no revenge, and trying to somehow make their actions right or at least understandable. But that is not what our message of ''Allowing'' is.

Our message of ''Allowing'' means that there are no circumstances, even those as extraordinary as the events of this day, to use as your excuse to disallow your connection to Source Energy.

While the mind of human consciousness is spinning and swimming in the confusion of these events, the Energy of Well-being, from which all has come forth, dominates.
It is difficult for us to imagine that we can live in a safe universe, when we are surrounded by so many who seem to be bent upon the destruction of other human beings, not only the terrorists but our own friends and family. But Abraham points out that:

Even if every human consciousness presently focused on your planet at this time, were disconnected from Source as a result of their awareness of this event, your balance of Well-being still remains staggeringly dominant. . . . Everything that we have offered in the thousands of hours of explaining, that we have offered over the past 15 years, has been to assist you in understanding that even under these conditions, YOUR Well-being is still in place.
Abraham wants us to realize that this is not the time to try to convince others that they create their own reality, ''for they find in these events compelling evidence to the contrary.'' It is enough to know that as far as our own lives are concerned, it is enough for us to find our own connection to Source.

This seems a selfish, ''me-first'' point of view to many. But it is a stepping-stone. As Abraham's many students have found, what happens when we adopt this point of view is that we learn its truth: No one else can create in our reality! When we realize this truth, fear disappears, and with it, the perception of separation. Absent fear, we quickly perceive that there is no one else. That we are, and always have been, totally safe. The apparent disagreements and horrors that we see around us are not real. Only Love is real.

What is our prognosis? ''Trust,'' Abraham tells us, ''that the Well-being of your planet does still, and always will, survive.''

All indented quotes above are from Abraham's comments on the September 11 events. The complete text, along with other words and materials from Abraham, can be found at abraham-hicks.com.

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