We hold 
the world in our hand
Volume 2, Oct 2001

September 11, 2001
Messages of Hope
woman praying
    EDITORIAL: Messages of Hope   In this issue, we memorialize what was said in the purity of our first response to the World Crisis. And we will keep adding to this issue each week until peace is achieved.

    shining peace sign
embassy in Moscow

    There are many more articles in this issue. Make sure to view our Table of Contents for a complete listing.

Grandmother Sara

    Eagle Petroglyph art
Jimmy Twyman

    A Radical Response
      Our friend Jimmy Twyman sent this to us just for you. He hopes you will join him. But whether you do or not, he's going all out for the solutions that come from the heart.

    A joyful noise in the streets of New York. Young musicians minister to the heart of a City. The Band Marches In.

buddhist tonka

    Hathor statue
Painting by Dick 

    The Deeper Wound
    Deepak Chopra was on a plane out of NY when the crisis happened. From his heart, he shares with us the deeper meaning behind the events that have changed our world forever.

    In Compassion and Revenge, Gary Zukav, author of the acclaimed Dancing Wu Li Masters, points out that our choice is clear..


    James Redfield
NY and World

    We Are All New Yorkers
      Spiritual pioneer Jean Houston shares techniques for dealing with our emotional responses to these times.

    In A Call to the Peacemakers, futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard invites the world to use her Peace Room as a networking resource.

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