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November, 2009

We are happy to present new articles, videos and messages for the new issue of Spirit of Ma'at.

"THE SHIFT OF THE AGES" 2012 and the Mayan Calendar end date.

The long awaited movie on the End Times — from the Mayan Elders

At long last, the Mayan Elders have come together with their own voice to give us the Truth about the End Times. Their timing couldn't be more appropriate. With Hollywood about to release the movie, "2012" the efforts of the Indigenous wise men will do much to shed light on the matter and will hopefully counteract all of the fear and disinformation pouring off the silver screen. All of us here at the Spirit of Ma'at have been waiting with baited breath for the Elders to tell it like it is. The following words, and the clips that go with them, will give you a clearer sense of what is to come and bring you to a deeper understanding of what is actually taking place underneath all the hype that prevents us from knowing the Truth about the times we're in.

Chaotic Nodes and Dimensional Attunements

By Tom Kenyon

Everything Tom Kenyon has to say rings true for us. His most recent article pursues the concept of 'Chaotic Nodes', otherwise known as points in time when everything converges to create change. Chaos is inherently unpredictable and according to Tom, we are approaching a Chaotic Node that will trigger a series of changes that are bound to throw all of us into a tailspin. How we respond to this depends on whether or not we can remain in Joy. Tom's article includes a Dimensional Attunement in the form of a sound healing that will help all of us prepare inwardly for the next phase of the Ascension process.

Spiritual Retreat — Another Step On The Path To 2012

By Stephen Thomson

That a Pole Shift would be what it takes to get us to turn our attention toward things that matter says so much about human nature. So much of what's happening right now begs us to create a strong inner focus. When outer concerns distract us, peace can sometimes only be found by removing ourselves from the fray and silencing the bustle and noise of the outside world. Steve's advice for November suggests that a little time out could be just the thing for anyone who is seriously contemplating the reality of the End Times.


By Mayte Abad Morente

When we think about what it means to be "Spiritual", for most of us, images of celibate vegetarians who never experience anger and never utter one bad word immediately come to mind. We have become so rigid about the way we see things we have forgotten that God lives in us all; even truck drivers and people who smoke are spiritual beings having their own private human experience. Mayte's article paints a picture of what it's like to be OK with yourself even when you're smoking a cigarette at a spiritual gathering and everyone's telling you God won't love you till you quit!

Ready to Read Blindfolded?

Two interviews from Carol Hiltner

Vyacheslav Bronnikov of Ukraine has been working miracles with human consciousness, such as teaching the people to see with their "inner vision." Mr. Bronnikov himself will be in California in November. There are two parts to this article: First, Bronnikov describes his own mind-boggling "inner vision" about what his Method is, what it means, and what difference it makes in the world at this time. Second, Hendrix Castro speaks about bringing the Bronnikov Method to the Americas.

An interview with Vyacheslav Bronnikov, creator of the Bronnikov Method

An interview with Hendrix Castro of NeuroVision Academy

Death of an Old Paradigm

By Phoenix Rising Star

Sweat Lodge ceremonies are a regular occurrence here in Sedona; the locals love their sweats and it's generally understood that the people who lead them know what they're doing. Last month, as part of a week-long spiritual retreat led by a high-profile New Age guru, over sixty people took part in a sweat lodge ritual that led to the deaths of three participants. The story behind the tragedy made national headlines. Many issues came to the fore and the details that leaked out after the fact prompted Phoenix to raise a few questions about discernment, integrity, true mastery, and the high cost of thinking that spirituality can be bought and sold. Check out her November article; local gossip notwithstanding, it speaks to things that all of us need to consider.

Splash-out and the Spiritually Incorrect Room

By Sarah Biermann

Sarah's always got good tips on how to talk yourself out of your head trips. As we move through times when so many of our issues and programs are being transformed, inner and outer change plants a charge on every single button we've got. Trying to stay centered and peaceful when you're blowing up or coming apart at the seams is a difficult job, one that a trip to the Spiritually Incorrect room can do a lot to make easier. Sarah's article explores the virtues of letting it all hang out whenever every other method and practice doesn't do the trick.

Group Consciousness and The Age of Aquarius

By Julia Griffin

There's no way around group consciousness; like it or not, our entrance into the Aquarian Age almost demands that we embrace the concept of connection and oneness. Up until now it's been OK to keep it all separate but we're beginning to see that we function collectively, and that our uniqueness only serves us when we understand how to integrate our contributions with the good of the greater whole. As we learn more about what it means to do this, many questions come up. Julia's article explores the ways in which our individual light can make a difference at a point in time when our collective intent could have a major impact on a world that is on the brink of unprecedented change.

Taking Back Our Health With The Plants And Trees

By CC Treadway

CC's interest in the healing power of plants and trees goes beyond the medicinal; she understands that it is the Spirit of the plant that does the healing and that the emotional/spiritual component rests at the heart of every cure. If the drug lords use plant substances to form their pharmaceuticals, the spirits of the plants are raped in the process, precluding any possibility that the raw power of the plant might still be contained in whatever they create from it. This month CC takes a look at the need to reclaim our relationship to the plant kingdom and to the healing power that comes from being energetically connected both to the Earth and to our selves.

You Don't Need a Lawyer, but It Can Be Helpful To Understand THE PART OF YOUR SOUL LEGALLY INCARNATE

By Norma Gentile

Norma's November article goes into the concept of the Soul and the extent to which it's possible to contain all of who we are in a Third Dimensional form. That we are bigger than we believe ourselves to be begs us to ask; how do we deal with bringing the Soul into its fullest expression? If Norma is correct what we outgrow can be exchanged or traded in, in cycles. When we release outworn patterns to make room for different, more conscious strands of our spirit to shine through we evolve into a fuller realization of self. There's a banquet of food for thought in this essay. Put on your thinking cap and let Norma's revelations on the nature of the Soul inspire you to consider how big you can legally allow yourself to be.

The Great Poisoning Of America Begins

By Ken Adachi

The signs at all the big box drugstores and supermarkets are urging all of us in the states to line up for our Swine Flu shots. We even get to pay for the privilege; for twenty-five dollars anyone can get shot up with a vaccine that is purported to be worse than the deadly virus itself. The Swine Flu debacle is nothing new to those of us who stay abreast of these things — but what about the rest of us? Ken Adachi's words are simple and straight to the point. If you're still in the dark about whether or not to head down to your local vaccination headquarters and line up with the "sheeple" this article will give you pause to reconsider.

Do the truly dark and evil ones get away with mass murder and go to heaven or hell?

By Dhyana Markley

Redemption; how does the Soul free itself from the consequences of its actions? From a cosmic perspective, what constitutes good and bad? And who are we to say why the dictates of Karma require some of us to be the bad guy? Dhyana's articles always have an edge to them, and this one touches on a very interesting subject. How many of us have wondered what happens to the villains of the world when they have to answer for their deeds? And is there any redemption for the ones who violate universal law? It's a good question. You'll enjoy reading Dhyana's take on the subject.

The Great Cleanse

By Heather Fraser

Purification rituals are nothing new to us; most of us are familiar with the need to cleanse our souls periodically. The upsurge of interest in things of this nature makes it seem as if we are collectively mirroring Mother Earth's desire to rid herself of the toxins and pollutants that permeate the bio-sphere. Could it be that we are part of something that goes beyond our personal desire to be whole and complete within ourselves? Ms. Fraser's take on 'The Great Cleanse' will stir you to the realization that at this point in time each and every one of us is participating in a purification process of major proportions — and it may be that our private ability to 'let it all go' will do much more than wash away our sins. According to Heather, with nothing from the past to limit our perceptions we just might be free to dream the Age of Light into being.

Doing the Dance

By Heather Fraser

The dark side of life seems to be a big part of it. This essay from Heather focuses on the need to be aware of what we take on in order to survive. The light we are born with becomes adulterated by prescriptions and conditions that force it to grow dimmer over time. Lost in the darkness we do that dance until the Truth penetrates through the cracks and we awaken to what was ours all along. In moments of pure clarity we bless the darkness for offering us the means to understand who we really are and for bringing an end to our sense of separation. There's plenty of food for thought here; give yourself time to take in Heather's thoughts on what means to finally find your way home.

9.9.9 Global Crystal Activation

By Jo Mooy

Our purpose unfolds on many different levels. What we create individually goes beyond us at a certain point. And what many of us are wondering is what really happens when we act globally with our hearts focused on a collective vision? Jo Mooy should have been an orator; she speaks with the heart of a lion. In this piece her words remind us that the whole idea of a collective vision isn't just a New Age cliche; we really are the creators of the New Earth.

Sarasota 9.9.9 Crystal Activation Story

By Jo Mooy

Jo Mooy does some pretty amazing work down in Sarasota, Florida. Her efforts to bring in the Light have definitely changed the lives of more than one person. The following article is an account of what happened at a ceremony Jo and a group of like minded Souls took part in on the auspicious 9/9/09 date. Miraculous things always seem to occur whenever we go into our hearts and pray. Check out this piece; it speaks to the ways in which all of us are now being called to claim stewardship for a unified vision of a new and better world.


Links and Videos

Conscious Media Showcase

The Spirit of Ma'at November 2009 Video Showcase

We've got a bunch of really good videos for you this month. Some of them will inspire you and others will open your eyes. For those of you who prefer to educate yourselves visually, this month's conscious media showcase is loaded with great information. Get comfortable, grab the popcorn, and open your mind. To tune in, click on the link.


News and Announcements

For news about Drunvalo’s workshop and travel schedule please go to www.drunvalo.net.

For Worldwide Web Live Broadcasts please visit Drunvalo's NEW WEBSITE at www.onelotus.net


Drunvalo's upcoming workshops

Drunvalo's November 2009 "EARTH-SKY-HEART Workshop" is full. His 2010 schedule includes a series of six workshops all of which will be held in Sedona, Arizona. Three of those workshops will be advanced courses for those who have already completed the "Earth-Sky-Heart" workshop. All of these seminars will be held at the SEDONA CREATIVE LIFE CENTER, in the heart of the Red Rocks.

The dates are as follows:
MARCH 1-5, 2010 — Earth Sky Heart
APRIL 12-16, 2010 — New, advanced course
JULY 5-9, 2010 — Earth Sky Heart
AUGUST 16-20, 2010 — New, advanced course
OCTOBER 4-8, 2010 — Earth Sky Heart
NOVEMBER 8-12, 2010 — New, advanced course

Registration, information, and accommodation forms can be found online at www.onelotus.net or www.drunvalo.net


MER-KA-BA BRUSH UP COURSE — With Phoenix Rising Star and Leon Pelletier — November 15th, 2009; 5 PM — at the Sedona HeartWalk Center

This course is being held to accommodate the November Earth-Sky-Heart Workshop participants who wish to fine-tune their practice of the Mer-Ka-Ba Meditation. Go to: www.sedonaheartwalk.com for more information.

Sedona HeartWalk Center www.SedonaHeartWalk.com.


POU UIRA — A workshop of Dynamic Haka ("HA" = Breath, life — "KA" = Ignite, fire) with Ojasvin of New Zealand and Iris of Switzerland.

Weaving Maori and Celtic song with light body exercises and elements of the school MIN-I.L.I.T. participants will celebrate the union of the male and the female which is inscribed in the seed of the life tree that grows to unite Papatuanuku/Mother Earth and Ranginui/Father Sky. Organized by Robert Dakota of WorldViewz Global-Cultural Exchange this workshop promises to be a deeply transformative experience. For more information contact Robert at: www.worldviewz1@aol.com or call him at 928-282-1494.

More information about the training...

Healing Haka seminar poster...


December 5-8, 2009. Reconnective Healing in Sedona, AZ taught by Doug De Vito.

Those of you who benefit from the effects of energy work and wish to find out more about Dr. Eric Pearl's "Reconnection" work may be interested in the upcoming seminar to be held in Sedona, Arizona and a December "Reconnection" seminar with the good doctor himself:

About the Seminar (pdf document)

About Reconnection (pdf document)

New in the Ma'at Shop

New Book by Gregg Braden: FRACTAL TIME: The Secret of 2012 and the New World Age

We love this book and we love Gregg even more. This amazing man has opened the minds of so many people. His latest book, "Fractal Time" is a beautiful piece of research. Check it out here in the Ma'at Shop.

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MODULATOR-2 Immune Modulator

The recent Swine flu outbreak got us wondering what steps we could take to avoid coming down with the deadly virus. We put a call in to our friend Jim Hessinger and he recommended that we carry "MODULATOR - 2", an immune system modulator that responds supportively to any type of attack on the immune system. To read more about it, follow the link.

A Sound Healing

A Call to the Soul

November sound meditation
from Norma Gentile

Norma introduces her November sound healing with a story about her Grandmother. Her words seem to suggest that for those of us who are in and out of our bodies, sacred sound has a way of bringing the Spirit back into a state of coherence. To tune into the Call to the Soul, click on the link.

See also Norma Gentile's CD 'Songs Of Spirit' — Live Sound Healings.

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