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November, 2010

We are happy to present new articles, videos and messages for the new issue of Spirit of Ma'at.

Apologies To The Divine Feminine (from a warrior in transition)

By Jeff Brown

After a conversation that led us to ask, "How come the men are so silent these days?" within a day or two we received a copy of the following article by Jeff Brown and a note from Heather instructing us to check it out. Feeling a bit blase? and tired of reading stuff that is all head and no heart, without expecting anything out of the ordinary we were in tears by the time we got to the end of Mr. Brown's 'apology'. None of us had a clue that what he was able to find the words for was exactly what we have been waiting to hear. Read it and weep — and when you're done ask yourself if what's written here might be a sign that the Sacred Masculine and the Divine Feminine are finally ready to join hearts and birth a whole new way of loving and being together.

Saving The Power To Heal Ourselves: Creepy Codex Alimentarius

By CC Treadway

The Codex Alimentarius agenda is nothing new; it has been working its way into effect since the Codex Alimentarius Commission was founded back in1963. At this point their long term plan to genetically modify ALL food, and outlaw all natural/alternative/holistic modalities and remedies is no longer a background issue. As of December 31, 2009, the Codex Commission, under the auspices of the World Health Organization and the U.N., gave itself the power to control the human population by making it legal for the Big Medical/Pharmaceutical and Big Agra whores to poison us. Wake up folks! Read what CC has to say about Codex Alimentarius and consider what the powers that be have managed to put into law behind our backs.

The Need For Alone Time

By Stephen Thomson

Isn't it interesting that the minute we decide to live a conscious existence, one which is based on the understanding that everything coexists in a state of unity and unconditional love, we wind up needing to spend more and more of our time alone? If you've never been able to figure out how that works Steve Thomson is here to explore the irony that seeks to reconcile unity with solitude. According to him, there are a million degrees of 'Alone' and as many ways to experience it. If the ways in which we tap into the divine have shown us how to get to the place where 'Alone' becomes something else altogether, Steve's November article reminds us how important it is to unwind, unplug, and give ourselves time to go within.

An Essay

By Freddy Silva

When we were told that Freddy Silva would be Cyrilla Gallagher's guest on her November, "Aspiro-Life" Show, we decided to take a closer look at his books and his work. Having heard about him, but sadly under informed, after looking into all the incredible things Mr. Silva has said and done all we can say is "Wow! This guy is great". In the course of our research we came across the following essay and were so impressed by the way Freddy wrote it, we thought it would be good to post it in conjunction with his interview with Cyrilla, just to give you a sense of who he is and where he's coming from; we know you will be touched by these words — he speaks to things that are important to all of us.

Love Amidst the Chaos

By Julia Griffin

When life swirls chaotically within the demands of outer pressures, it's easy to see where love is lacking. The minute it becomes obvious that we are focused in fear, anger, and/or discontent, the spiritually driven person knows that it's time to change. As we move through climactic times understanding how to dance on the line that separates fear and love holds the key to much more than our sanity. Something is born in the space where the two meet and it is out of that, that we come to see and know the universal love that underlies everything. Julia's November article reminds us that we get what we give, and that the ability to hold space for love to be the operative word relies totally upon the extent to which we love ourselves.

Taming The Beasts

By Dorothy Wallis

Those of you who keep up with Drunvalo's work have heard about the Blue School and you know that Claudette Melchizedek is one of the foremost teachers of that method. At the moment Claudette is under contract with the Russians to use imagery work to teach the business leaders of that country how to incorporate the spiritual component in all of their business practices. While she keeps her commitment overseas, Claudette's mentor, Catherine Schainberg is still teaching smaller groups here in the states. It's not too often that we get to hear from someone who's fresh out of an imagery workshop, and articulate enough to talk about it — but we got lucky this month. Our good friend Dorothy Wallis just finished a three-day intensive with Catherine Schainberg and she's here to tell us about her experience with the power of dreams and images.

Nature As Benevolent Teacher

By Heather Fraser

Of late, the idea that it's time to unplug and tune in to what feels real and natural to us has taught us that life seems to go better when we stop long enough to tap into it. When we finally get off the treadmill, or in those moments when we are free to just breathe and be who we are, we realize that our truer rhythms aren't bound by the clock. If you're caught up trying to micromanage your way through the rat race, or just one of those people who hasn't stopped to think about why you're chained to the hour-hand, Heather's words will inspire you to consider a different approach to living your life.

The Keeper Of The Skull Of Love

By Phoenix Rising Star

Sedona's one of those 'anything can happen' places; if you're a light worker, every day is a potential Magical Mystery Tour. Phoenix Rising Star lives and works in the center of the vortex and she is not only a magnet for the unusual, anyone can tell you she's got miracles coming out of her ears. In her November article Phoenix shares her account of a serendipitous encounter with a crystal skull. "So what?" you say; "Crystal Skull stories are a dime a dozen". Not this one. Do yourself a favor and read what Ms. Rising Star has to say about her visit with the Mitchell-Hedges Skull.

What's a healer to do?

By Sarah Biermann

What happens to the healers of the world when the world begins to wake up to the fact that everyone has the power to heal themselves? For many of us, this could be the million dollar question. If, as Sarah tells us, we have already ascended, what place is there for those of us who came here to heal, and what do we do now? It seems as if it's time to step into a place of complete and total trust, expanding our sense of limitation enough to see that we are in the process of discovering totally new ways to be who we are. Ms. Biermann goes all over the place in this piece, but if you are willing to go along with her, in the end you will see that she just might be on to something.

The Carrier Waves

By Jo Mooy

Putting things into a nutshell isn't that easy for any of us these days. The current state of Earthly affairs is so hard to pin down, as one cycle gives way to another, it seems like our "agreed upon" reality does nothing more than pass itself back and forth between opposite poles. If nothing appears to change, the truth is that what looks like its going nowhere is in fact being carried forward and upward by larger waves of energy whose purpose and momentum we don't fully comprehend. Jo's November article reminds us that no matter how crazy thing look, there is a purpose and meaning to everything that's going on, and if we can tune into those energies, we will find ourselves centered in a place where without needing to define it, we know for sure that "all is well".


Links and Videos

Conscious Media Showcase

The Spirit of Ma'at November 2010 Video Showcase

You are going to love our November "Conscious Media Showcase"! Crazy times loan themselves to amazing headlines and this month we've got everything from Inner Terrestrials to the awful truth about the never ending story in the Gulf of Mexico. We've even got a tip of the ice berg clip of E.T. disclosure at the Vatican! In between the Pope and tales of chemical warfare you will find a number of inspirational booster shots, along with a few re-runs of our favorite, "Wake Up Call" movies. Settle in, open your mind, and tune into our monthly selection of provocative and informative media presentations.


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Live interviews with Host, Cyrilla Gallagher, for Aspiro Life on the Spirit of Ma’at Network

Cyrilla Gallagher is a professional radio host whose show focuses on personal growth, ancient and modern wisdom, and an examination of the changes that are taking place on the planet. Beginning in October, she will host monthly interviews with the people we most want to hear from, on the topics we most want to hear about. Her November guest is crop circle expert, Freddy Silva. Cyrilla is open to suggestions; if there is someone you would like her to have on the show you can let her know via email at: cyrilla@aspirolifestyle.ca


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Live Interview with host, Cyrilla Gallagher and Freddy Silva

This month Cyrilla hosts an interview with well known crop circle expert, Freddy Silva. Those of you who are familiar with Freddy's work know that he is the best-selling author of Secrets in the Fields, and the Director of the documentaries "Templemaking", "Stairways To Heaven: The Practical Magic of Sacred Space", and "In The Footsteps Of Isis". Also featured on the "Discovery Channel" and the "History Channel" Mr. Silva's in depth understanding of the crop circle phenomenon goes beyond the run of the mill "Doug and Dave" stories into a realm that gives you a feeling for what they're really all about. If you're interested in learning more about the mystery and the history behind these divinely inspired earth etchings, tune into our November 2010 "Aspiro-Life" interview with the one and only, Freddy Silva. Click here to find out more about Cyrilla Gallagher and Aspiro Life show.

Morning Messages

Morning Messages

Through Peggy Black

Peggy Black began receiving messages from her guides back in the Seventies. They first came to her in the form of stick figures, multi-dimensional 'sprites' who danced lithely across the pages of her sketch book. As her life changed and her connection to the invisible realms deepened, Peggy began to receive audible messages from the very same spirits who came dancing into her life forty years ago. Ever since she began to 'hear' her guides, she has channeled their every word onto paper. Her 'Morning Messages' are direct transmissions from a group of Souls who have a lot to say about life, and about the changes that are calling all of us to create a unified vision of a new and better world.

"Claim Your Divine Partnership" No one needs to tell us that things are intense; anyone who's the least bit aware can feel it. This month, Peggy and her guides have a lot to say about this influx of shifting energies. According to them, all of us are being recalibrated in ways that make it hard for us to know if we're losing touch with reality or tuning into it. So much of what's going on right now requires us to expand into a larger version of ourselves. When Peggy and the team invite us to "Claim Your Divine Partnership" they are most likely echoing a voice that we have already heard. If what's written here inspires you to listen to that voice and move along a path that feels more like a tidal wave at this point, know that our individual and collective ability to go with the flow has everything to do with how all of this 'intensity' will play out.

If you're up for a dose of inspiration or a little something to remind you what you're here for, check out these channeled messages from Peggy Black and her Team. About "Morning Messages": The Unfolding Process.

A Sound Healing

STUDIUM: A Study In Healing Music

Sound Healing with Norma Gentile

This month's sound healing is from a live meditation concert in which Norma uses her voice, along with a schruti box, a traditional Indian instrument, to create simple sustained tones and harmonies. We wouldn't call this a "song": to us it feels more like a chant to the universal consciousness. To tune in and feel for yourself, click on the link.

See also Norma Gentile's CD 'Songs Of Spirit' — Live Sound Healings.

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“The White Road” is a documentation of the Fifth Reunion of the Indigenous Elders and Priests of North and South America. It traces the steps of the wisdom keepers as they follow “El Camino Blanco”, otherwise known as the pathway to spiritual knowledge, all the way from Merida, through the ancient temple complexes of the Yucatan Peninsula. For those of you who are familiar with Drunvalo`s book, the `Serpent of Light`, this is the film version of his account of the ceremonies that led to the purification of the Mayaland. People from all over the world came to be part of this experience, one which, on the etheric level, marked the beginning of humanity’s voyage through the Ascension Portal. Suitable for all ages, this timely and inspiring film is now available in the Ma`at Shop.

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