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The Astrology of 2012 and Beyond

By Cal Garrison



When we say Chiron was "discovered" in 1977, it doesn't mean that the planet somehow, magically came out of nowhere on that date. Astrologers have always known about him — but what astrologers know has never carried enough weight with the scientific community to qualify as fact or Truth. And while astronomers understood Bode's Law well enough to postulate that there had to be a missing link between Saturn and Uranus, for some reason they couldn't officially discover Chiron until they found a way to make his presence in the solar system fit into their definition of the universe.

That being said, the last time Chiron entered Pisces was in 1962. Reflecting back on that period in history, the 50's mindset had run its course and new thought forms began to take root in the collective mind. Between the Vietnam War and the hippie movement we didn't know if we were coming or going; but by 1968, when Chiron left Pisces, we'd rolled enough joints to blow all of our 50's illusions, including Doris Day and Rock Hudson, right up in smoke. After 48 years, Chiron's return to the sign of the Fishes would seem to indicate that we're about to get our minds blown once again.

If Chiron is a complex planet, the sign Pisces is equally complex. Ruled by Neptune, a planet that has too much to do with what is spiritual in us for anyone to process it's message clearly, Pisces is where we either ascend beyond the boundaries of time and space or become victimized by our inability to go there. The last of the twelve zodiacal symbols, it is the end of the line, and the two fish swimming in opposite directions tell us that at the place where all things meet their final resolution, the consequences of our actions take us one way or another.

The idea that Pisces is where everything terminates is only partially true; while we do come to a moment of Truth, at the end of any cycle whatever reaches completion is really just a stage in a larger pattern of development, and the last stop is not what it appears to be.

"The last sign is also the first because it forms the background from which the next cycle will spring; and when seen in this way, it is not strange that the symbolism of the Fishes connects us not with the god Neptune, nor with any other male deity, but with the primal Mother..." *1

As it turns out, the point where everything culminates just so happens to be the Womb of Creation. It makes sense, doesn't it? Death and life are inseparable, one cycle gives way to another, and Pisces is the Great Void or the empty space between cycles where the creative process reduces everything down to nothing only to prepare itself for a rebirth. The concept rings even truer when we remember that the universal symbol for the Divine Feminine and every other aspect of the female is the Vesica Pisces, or the opening out of which light and life emerge.

"…Mother Earth is pregnant and about to give birth to a New Age. At an imminent birth there is always a birth pain. There are contractions. There are difficulties. But when a young couple looks forward to a birth in those last few days, they don't begin to say, "Any day now the labor is going to start." They say, "Any day now there's going to be a new life." The focus is different…Instead of looking at the labor pains, perhaps we can go away from here looking at the birth of a New Age. If the changes do come, if the continents are altered, if the weather is altered, if all of these…do happen, what will be the result? How can we respond to that?" *2

Ultimate meanings are great, for putting things into perspective, but this transit will be active from April 20, 2010 until approximately 2019. Nine years in the Womb of Creation; a lot of things will be stirred down to nothing during this gestation period, and our perspective is bound to get lost in the process. If Chiron is about to escort us through the Great Void, it might be good to take a look at the map and find out a little bit about how he and Pisces get along, before we get there.

Pisces is usually characterized as the "Selfless Healer" and my experience has taught me that this is true — but it's only true part of the time. While themes of renunciation and selfless service are strong in this sign, only one of the Fishes has the strength to swim in that direction. The other Fish plays the role of the wounded soul who can barely float without a life jacket. The savior and the victim live together here and the essence of the sign can be found somewhere in the middle, dancing on the fine line that connects the two.

Opposite impulses inevitably mirror each other and the one who approaches life with the desire to heal everything in sight has most likely suffered as much as his wounded counterpart but has somehow managed to find the lesson in it. Instead of drowning in an ocean of sorrow, the evolved Pisces transmutes their experience into a wellspring of compassion and draws upon that as a means to heal others. Much like Chiron in the Prometheus myth, their selfless acts serve a greater cause and in sacrificing themselves to it these types find the key to their own healing.

The other Fish has a different response to their suffering. Lost when it comes to understanding its purpose they get swallowed up by the pain. Inside they know that they have to surrender to a higher calling and while many of them actually know what that is, they don't have the inner strength to pull it off. Too bruised and battered to even lick their own wounds, they can't seem to see that their pain is less of a problem than their inability to transcend it. With Pisces, there's no way around the sacrifice — the sign demands it — and the ones who can't make it consciously spend their lives being the sacrifice, splayed out on the altar of their own problems.

With the Wounded Healer approaching the realm of the Selfless Healer anyone can see that we're about to get a double dose of healing. At a time when the Great Mother is in critical condition, it's comforting to know that the one who knows more about what to do with our wounds than anyone in the solar system is about to spend nine years in the sign that begs us to heal them. Even so, the cure is bound to put each and every one of us through internal and external changes that will rock us to the core.

This tells me that leaving our pain at the door would seem to make a lot more sense than trying to squeeze it through the keyhole — because any wounds we have left, and any changes we don't have the courage to make will interfere with our rebirth and make the healing process much more difficult than it needs to be. Mother Earth is relying on us to be far enough beyond our own private agonies to be able to support her through these upcoming changes from a totally conscious place — free of our issues and clear enough about our purpose to handle whatever the Shift of the Ages calls us to do.

If you're wondering if anything in you is ready for this, look at it this way; all the changes that are tossing you around right now are preparing you for it. Make them, no matter how costly, or inconvenient, or frightening it seems. By the time Chiron enters Pisces the less baggage you have the freer you'll be to swim along in the slipstream of changes that have everything to do with the way you relate to them and the way you approach your part in this.



Erecting the chart for Chiron's ingress into Pisces, the asteroid Hopi forms an exact conjunction with the Immum Coeli, or the base angle of the chart. Hopi is all things Native American — it is the Indigenous asteroid. The base point of any horoscope represents its foundation or root structure. It is what we inherit from our ancestors, our cellular memory, and the bedrock that we stand upon. The Immum Coeli also happens to be the point where all things return to the Earth.

Layering one image over the other, Hopi on that point tells me that Chiron's journey through Pisces will involve a return to the ways of the Indigenous people; those traditions will hold us up, or strengthen us for the duration of the transit. How this will work is hard to say but it looks like that wisdom will rise up from the core of our cellular memory in the same way that sap rises up from the roots of a tree. As ancient Truths begin to flow into our consciousness my sense is that we will awaken to them, one leaf at a time until the collective mind blooms with belief patterns that reflect a deeper connection to Nature.

Hopi's sextile (a sextile is a favorable, 60 degree aspect. In any given situation sextiles show the astrologer where the support, help, etc. comes from) to the asteroid Panacea adds weight to that prospect. Panacea is, "the cure for what ails you" asteroid; whatever the problem is Panacea has the solution for it. Favorably aspected to Hopi the message is obvious — and as far as Chiron is concerned the remedy for what ails us lies in a return to the Original Teachings. During his stay in Pisces, his and purpose will be to enlighten us to the old ways as a means to bring about healing at the personal and collective level and maintain balance during tumultuous times. By 2019 our values and beliefs will bear no resemblance to any of the materialistic constructs we adhere to now.

Considering that the Indigenous people of the world have suffered so much at the hands of the white man, the thought that they would be there for us at all is unbelievable. With every excuse to do the opposite, one would assume that they might leave us to fend for ourselves — but out of all the people on this planet they know what their role is right now — and it doesn't involve allowing the wounds of the past to interfere with what Mother Earth needs from us. Chiron's influence, combined with the Piscean gift for taking even the deepest wounds and using the pain as a vehicle for compassion and forgiveness will give them the strength to transcend any mistrust or bitterness they may feel for what they know is a much greater cause.

A secondary aspect between Hopi and Euridike sheds more light on this. Euridike is the asteroid that tells the astrologer "who we rely upon", or who we place in a leadership role. In this case the aspect happens to be an inconjunct, a 150 degree aspect that indicates certain adjustments have to be made. I laughed out loud when I saw this; what came to mind was overeducated, upper crust white folks waking up to the realization that it won't be the politicians, the PhD's, the scientific community, the religious leaders, or anyone in the halls of justice who step in to save the day — our real support and leadership will come from an oppressed minority, from a group of people whom we patronize and who have been vilified and victimized for over 500 years. Talk about getting your mind blown! What we have to go through to reverse our perspective on that one will undoubtedly involve multiple major adjustments.

Eradicating prejudice will be one of them. Siva squares Hopi in this chart. The textbook interpretation of that aspect is, "confronting the need to eradicate prejudice". If our preconceived notions about the Native people interfere with our ability to receive their support, we will wind up shooting ourselves in the foot. And any mistrust or discrimination coming from the Indigenous ones, toward us will also be problematic.

The aspect calls all of us to come together as one family and suggests that it's time to release every form of prejudice. As we move toward Unity Consciousness the patterns that have separated us into different castes, classes, factions, races, colors, sexes, ideologies — all of that has to go. One Spirit moves through everything here — and in awakening to that Truth the wounds and beliefs that cause us to see it any other way will slowly disappear.

Nemesis conjuncts Kronos and both asteroids oppose Pluto in this chart. This is all about the people in charge. The Kronos-Nemesis conjunction indicates that the powers that be are the problem, the bete noir, or the ones who are to blame. Pluto's opposition to Nemesis reads as, "the reach for power, the need for control, and the inability to forgive lie at the root of every situation that doesn't work". Mentioned in an earlier chapter, his aspect to Kronos has to do with the people in charge getting caught with their pants down.

This triple aspect indicates that the ones who are to blame will do everything in their power to cover up whatever they're being held accountable for. How they will manage to do this is hard to figure because too many things suggest that there will be nowhere to run and nowhere to hide from anything during our trip through the Great Void. Both Chiron and Pisces call us to forgive those who have trespassed against us, but a secondary, stressful aspect to Arachne, the complexity asteroid, tells me that their efforts to hide the truth will catch them in a web of lies that serves to expose them even further. When the full extent of their crimes becomes public knowledge, the burning question of the day will be, can we forgive the unforgivable.

While the Nemesis-Pluto opposition indicates that any inability to do so will create problems for us, I am not sure if forgiving and forgetting are applicable in situations where the ones we're supposed to let off the hook are guilty of genocide, and countless other heinous iniquities. My opinion about this makes it difficult to interpret it objectively, but if the Laws of Karma apply to the powers that be as much as they do to us, I am sure that one way or another, they will reap what they've sown. According to the Hopi Prophecies the punishment will probably fit the crime:

"Here also a final decision will be made for the wicked. They will be beheaded and speak no more" *3

Ceres is prominent in Chiron's ingress chart. This asteroid governs children, nurturing, nourishment, food, and the mother-child relationship. It is involved in the Pluto-Nemesis-Kronos configuration which presents us with a number of possibilities, each of which can be interpreted from many different angles.

Without having to think too much about this I can see right away that food and hunger will be a major problem. Hints that this will be so showed up in our previous ingress charts; even now, in 2008, food shortages and an increase in food prices are affecting millions of people. This will only get worse and I suspect that the ones who are already starving and homeless will have an easier time with it than those of us who aren't there yet, just by virtue of the fact that they've become accustomed to living without.

With the powers that be heavily involved in frequency warfare and so many unnatural disasters creating side effects that lead to crop failure, food shortages, and famine, until the whistle gets blown on that little secret there's not too much we can do about this. And while stocking up would seem to make sense, it might make more sense to think about going Breatharian; as crazy as that sounds, it would eliminate the hunger issue entirely. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what this means, Breatharians live on prana and sunlight; contrary to what you might think they don't waste away to nothing — these people actually thrive on nothing but air.

When I first heard about the Breatharian movement, I wrote it off as one of the kookier approaches to spiritual development, and/or a great cover for the anorexics of the world — until it occurred to me that if we're raising our frequencies to a fourth and fifth dimensional level, food might be a non-issue where we're going. The whole Breatharian thing may seem a little too far out from where we sit now but I have a feeling that it's serving another purpose, one that might save us more than one problem a few years from now, and possibly help us accustom ourselves to a totally different set of basic needs; who knows, by 2019, we could all be living on air.

I have no doubt that children and their needs will be a major issue. The nightmare of homelessness that showed up in the other ingress charts reiterates itself in the Chiron chart. Pluto's conjunction with Ceres indicates that children will be separated from their parents. In the midst of cataclysmic events, how do you suppose we will care for them? Can any of us even begin to imagine what that might involve? I don't have the answer for this and I am not quite sure that there is one — but it would be good if we thought about it sooner rather than later because hoards of children will be without nurturing or protection.

The same theme shows up in a square from Siva to the Moon. The textbook interpretation of this is, "the Motherless Child". In a similar vein, Odysseus conjunct the Ascendant says that adapting to the loss of roots and family connections will be something that all of us face. In essence the Odysseus aspect showcases the idea of exile and the implications that surround being driven away from one's home. With the asteroid Apollo squaring the Ascending axis one crisis after another will make it difficult to know what could possibly happen next. Any sense of safety and security that we have now will be gone.

In a natal chart, whenever Ceres conjuncts Pluto, the birth experience is often a near death experience. Without stretching the interpretation too far, the fact that the aspect appears in the Chiron chart presents us with an image that suggests that our rebirth will be a near death experience. All of the above would seem to support the idea — but near death is the key word here, and if we are to live on that line during this gestation period, holding the thought that we'll come out of it alive and in a much better place needs to be kept in mind.

I could go into a thorough analysis of Chiron's ingress chart, but maybe you've heard enough. My purpose for sharing some of its highlights was to get you to think a little bit and perhaps inspire you to get on the ball regarding your part in this. In all of my questioning and research what keeps coming up is that the way we respond to any crisis determines its outcome. If the current state of affairs was induced through a total lack of consciousness on our parts, would enlightening ourselves do as much to change it, and even go so far as to reverse the damage? Many are of the mind that this is a definite possibility:

"…Cayce's predictions, as well as those of others, indicate that the activity of our minds can have a direct influence on physical nature. This is termed biorelativity. Prayer, meditation, positive thought, and loving service are, from that point of view, instruments for pacifying the planet and bringing stability to unstable geological areas…The true prophet does not want to see his predictions come true; rather, he seeks to be contradicted. His prophetic words of foreseen disaster are intended to warn people in time to avert that disaster. Through a change of mind and behavior, people can to some extent defuse the circumstances leading up to a catastrophe, as well as get out of the way in time." *4

While much of the difficulty that awaits us can be averted through prayer, meditation, and a thorough reexamination of our beliefs and priorities, so much needs to shift in such a short period of time, is it naive to think that we can reverse the damage? The following excerpt from an interview with one of the Hopi Elders speaks to this idea:

"Ya, our teachings that were given to us, we've strayed away from it and how are we supposed to, you know, alleviate a lot of some of these things — and it's going to be too late for us to try to turn around and walk that spiritual path because we are taught that we are supposed to be on that path from way back. We should have been changing ourselves quite a number of years back, because it doesn't take overnight for a person to change…to walk a path…the chosen path. Also, it doesn't take overnight for the Creator to believe in you. He has to look at you, you know — your heart is the thing that has to change and it's not going to change overnight. These are the things that are very hard to change in a person, and so right now we look at it that it is already too late to start changing." *5

Too little too late is better than nothing. How could we live with ourselves if we didn't try? We're still here and if we could make a difference we need to be willing to take that on, in the same way that an EMT, or anyone would, in an emergency situation. If cataclysm and upheaval are no longer a subject for debate, what do you suppose being a day late and a dollar short will get us?

"A lot of times when I share this message of the prophesies, people say, 'Can't we change it? Could we stop it?' The answer is yes. The prophecies are always 'either/or'. We could have come together back there in 1565, and we could have had a great civilization, but we didn't. Always along the path of these prophesies, we could have come together. We still could. If we could stop the racial and religious disharmony, we would not have to go through this third shaking (of the Earth).

The Elders say the chance of that is pretty slim. It looks to me like it's pretty slim too. But they say what we can do is 'cushion' it. The word we use is 'cushion'. We can cushion it so it won't be quite as bad. How do we do this? We do this by sharing the teaching that will reunite us." *6

Need I say more? Reflecting back on everything we've said about the planetary aspects, and Chiron specifically, the astrology mirrors the prophecies closely enough for us to see that we're standing on the threshold of major personal and collective changes that we have no precedent for. As much as it's comforting to know that it's all part of a rebirth process, what we have to live through in the meantime will be colored by death. Moving from one world to another will take approximately nine years. If our level of consciousness has as much to say about how our labor goes as I think it does, even if we're a day late and a dollar short, we owe it to ourselves to be 100% there for it.

At this point we've been so dumbed down by artificial beliefs and systematic programs, semi-comatose is the only word that comes to mind when our level of consciousness needs a definition. If Chiron's supposed to enlighten us he's got his work cut out for him. This trip through the Womb of Creation will present us with nine years of one crisis after another. How far are we from being able to say without a doubt that we're fully able to do our part to cushion the blow — and perhaps wake up on the other side of this near death experience in one piece?

If you take anything from this chapter, my hope is that it inspires you to look at where you are with your life. How much would it take to clear your head and your heart of whatever closes you off to your fullest expression? How well do you know the God Within? Do you realize that the things that separate you from that part of yourself not only block your fulfillment they block your ability to connect with your larger purpose? Whether you know it or not your purpose right now has more to do with cushioning the blow than it does with anything else. It's time to wake up.

When we fell into separation all of us fell asleep; 13,000 years later, as the dark part of the cycle ends and the Age of Light begins, opening our eyes goes with the territory. Every bit of darkness and unconsciousness has to be washed away. We have plenty of support coming from more than one outside source; can the Chiron in you teach you how to get through your own stuff so you can be here for this? And when he heals your wounds will you be able to give yourself over and take full responsibility for your part in it? Because we will live through a Pole Shift; it's taken me eleven chapters to reach that conclusion, but I finally see that, that's what we're looking at.

If we can't begin to imagine what that might involve we need to start thinking about it. Believe it or not, we chose to be here to be part of this event, and if we can't pull ourselves together and go through it consciously, like the Fish who can't bring themselves to go there, we'll have to live with the consequences of choosing not to. The Grass Roots is where all change begins and a little too late is better than not showing up at all. Give that some thought and try to imagine what it might be like if everyone did what they could to make the best of this.

"'…we have had in many readings that there is still time for change within the actions of people (there is, of course, always time for that) but that by 1981 the point of no return will have arrived. Either by that time people will have improved or the momentum will be so great that it will be difficult to induce a change in the events which are to follow. It appears that if these changes in human behavior do not come about by 1981, the world — and in particular the western world — will have to follow in the cycle, just as winter follows spring.

But even if there are tragedies and catastrophes, consider the opportunities for growth; and those who are looking for their teachers — look out, for they will appear, not necessarily in clouds or in shining armor, but in the very experience which is facing them at that very moment.' "*7


Chapter 10 from the book The Astrology of 2012 and Beyond by Cal Garrison

About Cal Garrison

Cal is a writer with four books to her credit. ‘The Old Girls’ Book of Spells’, ‘The Old Girls’ Book of Dreams’, and her latest book, ‘Witch On the Go’ were published by RedWheel/Weiser Press and are available in bookstores or on Amazon.com. In addition to her own work, she also writes for Slim Spurling. Her first book with Slim, ‘Slim Spurling’s Universe’ is being followed up by their second book together which, with any luck, will be out in 2008—2009.

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