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September, 2009

We are happy to present new articles, videos and messages for the new issue of Spirit of Ma'at.


By Stephen Thomson

Steve's August article, "A Time for Action — 2012 and Beyond" addressed the onslaught of changing times and the need to approach them actively, instead of waiting to see how things unfold. This month begins a series of articles in which Steve examines the ways in which we can fully participate in the powerful energies that are already here and due to touch all of us. His advice for September could very well inspire you to take off on a vision quest; sacred sites are everywhere, and according to Steve, they have a way of sparking up the flame that burns in us all.

Ponzi America — Systematic Rape of the American Public

Sent to us by Bill Corey

This is a good summary of what goes on behind the scenes. Those of you who could never make sense of the Illuminati and their doings will find this phantom email extremely informative. It covers everything from Nathan Rothchild, to Woodrow Wilson, to how much it costs American taxpayers to pay for military laundry services in Iraq. We have no idea where this message originated. If you're the author please contact us so that we can give you credit for putting a controversial subject into a well written nut shell.

Tree and Plant Kingdom Thoughts on Options to Take in Lieu of Swine Flu Vaccination or Any Type of Vaccination

By Barry Kapp

The prospect of mandatory vaccinations is on top of the stack for all of us right now. Who knows how far it will go? In the event that it becomes impossible to put a stop to this, have you considered alternative courses of action? This channeling from Barry Kapp is a clear message from the Plant Kingdom. Check it out and you will find that there is more than one way to skin a cat.

Diseased African Monkeys Used to Make Swine Flu Vaccines; Private Military Contractor Holds Key Patents

By Mike Adams

This is the lowdown on the vaccine industry. We hate to belabor the point but enforced vaccinations are such a huge issue, we feel the need to get the word out. Knowledge is power. Hopefully when you find out what this ruse is all about, you'll realize that the last thing you need is a flu shot.

Merging Your Frequency With The Spirit Of Water

By Phoenix Rising Star

We love the way Phoenix always comes up with something special. Join her in this 9-9-09 meditation to honor the element of water, honor the completion of your nine cycle, and prepare for your new beginnings with love and gratitude. You can read the meditation yourself or listen to the mp3 of Phoenix leading it.

Sex and the Ascension

by Cal Garrison

Cal's been finishing a book, looking forward to a deadline. As the chapters pile up it's turning out to be a follow up to her 'Astrology of 2012' that came out in June. In going down the list of things that will help us prepare for the Ascension, she wrote a chapter about the Egyptian Orgasm and the role that sex plays in raising consciousness. Those of you who follow Drunvalo's work already know about the Ankh, but it's always good to be reminded. If the secrets of what is also known as the Egyptian Cross are new to you, you will enjoy this preview of a soon to be published book that promises to be a good one.


An audio session with Sarah Biermann and her Spirit Guide

A recurring dream prompted Sarah to talk to her Spirit Guide about it. Too full of symbolism to tackle objectively on her own, she asked Ahrazu several questions to help her understand not only the dream, but the reasons why everything seems to be so out of balance these days. Instead of writing about the conversation, Sarah decided to record her session with the spirit. Her September article is an audio tape of Ahrazu's take on life in the dream time; to tune in, click on the link.

The Flower of Life as a Model of Co-Creation

By Julia Griffin

Conscious co-creation invites us into a realm where the internal Being enters into and becomes one with Source. Alchemical in nature, the process is supported by the desire to reunite with the True Self. Julia's insights into the Flower of Life as a model for co-creation are original and well spoken. In her true Sagittarian style, she looks at who we truly are and who we aspire to be with a wide angle lens that will remind all of us why we engage in this alchemy.

Compassion in Healing

By Norma Gentile

In our zeal to clarify and heal ourselves, we sometimes forget that what we feel no longer suits us may indeed at one time have been a blessing to us. When there is true compassion towards ourselves and what we are ready to release, then, and only then, are we completing our soul's agreement with that energy. Without reaching this state of compassion and understanding, we end up pushing and shoving the energy out of our space and our life over and over again. Read what Norma has to say about how much compassion has to say about the healing process.

Living Well

A Message from Thoth through Norma Gentile

Thoth is one of those beings who appears on his own timeline and with his own agenda. I'm passing on what he shared with me on August 16. As we move into the fall, I suspect the reason why he choose to share these thoughts now will become apparent.

Avalon of the Heart

By Manon Tromp

The mystery of Avalon is well hidden by the myths that have grown up around it. Those of us who are tuned to the old ways have a sense of what really took place there. At one time the mystic isle was the center of everything, until it came time for the feminine wisdom to literally, go underground. What lies buried beneath the Glastonbury Tor is slowly returning to life. If you're curious about all things Celtic, or are instinctively drawn to the Goddess energies, your 'Inner Druid' will be stirred by Manon Tromp's account of the true Avalon.

A Letter from the Mother

Through Manon Tromp

This message was channeled directly from the Great Mother. Her words remind us that she has returned to take her rightful place next to the Father, and call us to forgive and love ourselves at least as much as She does. This channeling also asks us to remember what we're here for. At a time when the Goddess is alive and magic is afoot we can't ignore the words of the one who hasn't spoken with her own voice since Merlin's time. Check out this beautiful piece; it's bound to strike a long lost chord.

Feeling Your Way to a New World

By Heather Fraser

Who hasn't felt the call to change over the past decade or so? Who hasn't noticed that "what once was" no longer works anymore? Who hasn't noticed that "something" is rising up within us, asking us — sometimes forcing us (if we don't listen) — to make deep and profound changes at the core of our Being? Heather Fraser gracefully and eloquently shares her thoughts on what it means to really feel our lives at a soul level, and reminds us that "to feel is to pray." Full of ancient wisdom, tender support, and powerful validation that it's okay to fall apart in order to re-build — this article provides a healing balm for our deepest fear — that of letting go.

There is no Answer

By Heather Fraser

Have you ever wondered if there was a secret answer to your deepest, burning questions about your self or your life? Have you ever asked God — pleaded or begged with the Divine — to give you the answers you seek? If you are one who is ready to end all seeking and simply live, this article is for you. Heather Fraser pulls no punches in her powerful, laser-like, yet deeply compassionate delivery of what she feels is our holy work, and our way to everlasting freedom.

Ear Acupuncture in Emergency Situations

A video article from Laura Cooley

We've had this article in mind for quite some time. After transcending a few mechanical difficulties we are happy to present you with Laura Cooley and a project that has been in the works since the 911 Disaster. An acupuncturist and activist with a mind of her own, Laura and company have worked on the front lines at Ground Zero and in New Orleans, post- Hurricane Katrina, helping trauma victims rebalance themselves with ear-acupuncture. This technique is so simple and effective we thought everyone should know about it. Check out her video clip.

What Lower Self?

By Kendra Mark

The first time I heard this poem my mouth dropped. It so clearly expresses the part of ourselves we hide in shame: the dark side of our humanity. If all of us were as brave as the author, 21 year old Kendra Mark, our dark sides would have the space to be seen and loved by our higher natures and our tendency to have that dark side seek attention in destructive ways would be greatly reduced. I know I will be recommending that my clients read this as it has so deeply touched me. — CC Treadway


Links and Videos

Conscious Media Showcase

The Spirit of Ma'at September 2009 Video Showcase

We have a boat load of really good films for you this month. Those of you who don't have the time or the patience to read will find all of them extremely informative. There's everything from David Icke's message about mandatory vaccines to an expose on the down side of celebrity worship. Our thanks go out to Ron Sirchie and Bill Corey for their continuing efforts to keep us all tuned in.

Awe Inspiring Nature Photos

From Bill Corey

Bill sends us some of our best stuff. You'll need a PowerPoint Player to view this slideshow. Be prepared for some pretty amazing imagery. If a picture's worth what they say it is, what you're about to see gets right to the heart of the matter. Check it out; take a minute to remind yourself how awesome it is to be alive.


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Mer-Ka-Ba Brushup Course with Phoenix Rising Star and Leon Pelletier

Date: October 11th, 2009

Time: 5PM

Location: HeartWalk; 1456 Hwy. 179 Sedona, AZ 86336

Payment: On a donation basis

Those of you who will be attending the October 2009, Sedona, AZ. "EARTH-SKY-HEART" Workshop and would like to take the opportunity to brush up on the Mer-Ka-Ba Meditation are welcome to participate with HeartWalk's, Flower of Life Facilitators, Phoenix and Leon at their new location next to New Frontiers in Sedona. This course is open to anyone who is interested in making sure they are doing the meditation correctly.

For more information please call Phoenix or Leon at: 928-204-5589 and be sure to check out their web site at: www.SedonaHeartWalk.com.


Living in a Time of Change 2012 and Beyond
A Weekend Workshop With Stephen Thomson

November 12th to 16th, 2009

Pacific Beach, California (San Diego)

For more details and information about Steve's upcoming workshop please go to his web site at www.stephenthomson.net

New in the Ma'at Shop

New Book by Gregg Braden: FRACTAL TIME: The Secret of 2012 and the New World Age

We love this book and we love Gregg even more. This amazing man has opened the minds of so many people. His latest book, "Fractal Time" is a beautiful piece of research. Check it out here in the Ma'at Shop.

Delicious Organic Greens

Are you getting the 9 servings of ORGANIC fruits and vegetables you need in your diet every day? Well ... now you can with "Spirit of Ma'at". This wonderful TOTAL BODY GREENS powder tastes like a dessert but its flavor is obtained by careful blending of ORGANIC greens and fruit. Even your children will like it. Just one scoop exceeds the nutritional equivalent of TWENTY servings of fruits and vegetables.

MODULATOR-2 Immune Modulator

The recent Swine flu outbreak got us wondering what steps we could take to avoid coming down with the deadly virus. We put a call in to our friend Jim Hessinger and he recommended that we carry "MODULATOR - 2", an immune system modulator that responds supportively to any type of attack on the immune system. To read more about it, follow the link.

ReVitaPhi — A Powerful Alkaline Superfood Formula

It has an herbal blend designed to help increase your natural capacity for mental clarity, emotional balance, and physical energy at any age or fitness level! This potent blend will provide a full spectrum of rare phyto-nutrients that your body's bones, brain, and blood need to maintain a state of peak performance and a healthy balanced alkalinity.

The Astrology of 2012 and Beyond by Cal Garrison

After a few delays in the editing process Cal Garrison's latest book, "The Astrology of 2012 and Beyond" is finally out. An astrological chronicle of the times we're in "The Astrology of 2012" frames transits and aspects up against myth and Indigenous prophecy in a way that puts a down to Earth, readable spin on a topic that could be considered the burning question of the day. Those of you who are wondering what the Great Shift of the Ages has to do with you will want to check out Cal's take on the subject; "The Astrology of 2012 and Beyond" is now available in the Ma'at Shop!

A Sound Healing

Sound Journey

September sound healing
From Norma Gentile

This month's sound healing is based on healing as a compassionate process of releasing what no longer is serving our journey. Norma is joined by Bradford Smith who provides amazing overtones with his natural voice.

See also Norma Gentile's CD 'Songs Of Spirit' — Live Sound Healings.

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