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The Mind Is A Beautiful Thing

By Heather Fraser

Holy is the sound of our inner voice as it chants the song of Love to us; poetry to our ears, when we learn how to embrace the present moment and listen. This is the only way we'll ever hear the sound of our soul calling out our true name — the name of Love.

Everything in the Universe bears this name. There are no exceptions. Love is. It doesn't get any more simple than that. Love is the Mind of God, of Oneness. It is Unified. It is Whole. It is Us. It is All. And it is a beautiful thing when we can drop the illusion of that which separates and divides, judges and condemns, doubts and deteriorates.

Love is One Mind where consciousness is formless and yet where all form is created. Love uses "right" thought like an arrow, aimed with laser like precision, free of all doubt and constriction, and lets it fly into the infinite. It is here where a freed thought will reflect back in the material world as matter. What immense creative power we hold within our very being.

Love knows there is no other self and that the divine within is whole. When Love is accepted as truth, wholeness begins to reflect into every area of our existence. This consciousness of wholeness, which is also the recognition of who we really are…pure Being…pure Presence, it begins to dissolve every belief of confusion, doubt, fear, and duality from our lives.

Love is always recognized through the eyes and the touch. Love is felt through the heart. When we meet Love in another we know it. It is unspoken. It radiates. It dissolves illusion. It heals.

Love knows that it's word is Law, and thinks, feels and speaks only words of union, communion, equality, integrity, beauty, grace, vitality, goodness, prosperity, aliveness, imagination and playfulness. Infact, these are the only kinds of thoughts and words Love CAN think.

We are all on the same journey to unity, to wholeness. We are all going the same way. We must look deeply into the eyes of our fellow journeyers as we meet them along the way. We must see that we are all cut from the same piece of cloth called Divinity. We are all lighthouses of Love, journeying on with our light radiating outwards. We are all stumbling and feeling lost at times, but if we remember look to who may be walking ahead of us, we might see that they are leaving a trail of Love in their wake to light our way. It humbles us to realize this and to use this gift of Light, to feel grateful, and to share it. It is only a mirror of our own magnificence. We are all the same. We are Love.

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About Heather Fraser

About Heather: Heather Fraser has given up all professional titles, labels, definitions, and any illusions of specialness of who she thinks she is. She now lives in a state of what she likes to call The Beauty of Being, where she is transforming and empowering lives through the art and practice of simply being one with life.

You can contact Heather through her website at www.sacredscribe.com