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The Power of Love in Changing Times

April, 2007

We are happy to present new articles and audio interviews for our April Spirit of Ma'at issue.

Tom Kenyon
The House of Relationships

Every once in while the 'plumbing' in our relationships backs up and old, suppressed resentments block any potential for Sacred Union. Read what Tom Kenyon has to say about moving out of denial and confronting those issues within our selves instead of projecting them onto our partner.

An Audio Interview with Lori S. Rubenstein

by Diane M. Cooper

Lori is currently a Personal Life Coach, Mediator, and successful Divorce Attorney. She teaches classes for Divorce and Custody as well as Life Makeover Classes. As a Divorce Attorney, she has worked with over a thousand clients to help them deal with fearful transitions in their lives. As a mediator, she helps people find creative solutions and gain dignity by resolving their own conflict. Diane Cooper talks with Lori about when separation is appropriate, the forgiveness process and stepping out of the blame into personal empowerment.


Audio Interview WMA (6 Mb, 43 min.)

Audio Interview MP3 (10 Mb, 43 min.)

NEW! An Audio Interview with Ruth Makuini Tai

by Diane M. Cooper

Diane Cooper talks with Ruth Makuini Tai, teacher, author and Maori guide from New Zealand, about the nature of relationships from a Maori perspective.


Audio Interview WMA (21 Mb, 1 hr)

Audio Interview MP3 (28 Mb, 1 hr)



Drunvalo Melchizedek
Ancient Egyptian Sexual Ankhing

Adapted for our readers from The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Volume II, I offer this insight to assist two lovers — or even yourself, alone — to begin to find the higher path. This practice will not directly show you the true path. But it will increase your life-force energy, making you stronger, more alive, and more conscious. And perhaps — if you believe the Ancient Egyptians — it may lead you into eternal life.

Lisa J. Smith
Enter the Divine Twin Ray Reunions

This message from Sananda was channeled by Lisa J. Smith in January 1999. It is now a classic on the ever-enchanting subject of the Eternal Beloved. Also about Soul Mates, Soul Twins, Twin Flames, and Divine Complements.

David Deida
An Interview With David Deida At The Bodhi Tree

Discovering David Deida was one of the best things about preparing the April 2007 issue! It pleased us to find that finally, there is a relationship 'guru' out there who seems to have it all figured out. Take the time to read the reprint of this interview. The general consensus here at the Spirit of Ma'at is that this guy is really on to something!

Julia Griffin
What's Love Got to do With It?

No, it's not Tina Turner, it's Julia Griffin who wrote this article! Julia is an intuitive healer (and writer) who has successfully changed the lives of hundreds of people by helping them awaken their potential to create happiness, abundance, health and positive relationships. This month she shares her thoughts on the nature of unconditional love and what we can do to manifest it in our lives.

Bill Plotkin
The Art of Soulful Romance

Dr. Bill Plotkin tells us that the 'Magical Other' fantasy is one we all have — and it gets us into trouble because we find out too late that the 'Magical Other' isn't 'out there' — it is alive and well inside us! Until we come to know this at the Soul level, our dreams of True Love will meet with one disappointment after another. The longing for Sacred Union is universal. Find out what Dr. Plotkin has to say about our desire for wholeness and the possibility of entering into a Soul-centric relationship.

Lori S. Rubenstein
Life Lessons in Love — Examining Divorce Decisions From a Spiritual Perspective

When we make life-altering decisions all of us want to feel certain we are doing the right thing. Divorce is a tough choice but staying together can be just as challenging. According to Ms. Rubenstein, 'it's all good'. There is spiritual growth no matter which path we take.

Cal Garrison
Herkimer Diamonds

These double-terminated, clear-quartz hexagons are the perfect "Relationship Stone". Those of you who use crystals to enhance your spiritual work will be interested in what Cal Garrison has to say about Herkimer Diamonds.

Herkimer Crystals Pictures

Jill Rose
Relationship and the Law of Attraction

A Dream Come True — Jill is a gifted writer, who responded to our request for thoughts on relationships with a story from her own experience. Those of you who still believe that your Soul Mate is out there somewhere will love reading about the way the universe conspired to bring Jill and her husband Tim together.

CC Treadway
The Gift Of Same Sex Unions

CC Treadway is a Barbara Brennan Healer and a channel who lives and works in New York City. In response to our request for our reader's thoughts on relationships CC and her guides offered up a channeling on same sex union and its importance during these times of change. Take the time to read what she has to say — this is just the tip of the iceberg, but we feel that CC's contribution will be of interest to all of you.

Arttemis and Krystalle Keszainn
Sacred Relationships — A New Paradigm Unfolding

Every relationship in our world may not be a sacred one, yet all relationships have the potential to evolve in that direction. Imagine a world where all relationships are sacred relationships — from our most intimate partner, to friends, family, acquaintances, and even strangers! Arttemis and Krystalle Keszainn talk about how important it is to honor ourselves in all of our relationships.

Meditations and Exercises

From Spirit of Ma'at readers
Our Readers Share Their Thoughts on the New Relationship Paradigm

A month ago we sent out an email asking our readers to talk about how the consciousness shift is affecting their perceptions of being 'one with other'. The response was incredible — close to 1000 messages came in from all over the world. This article will interest anyone who wants to know what their brothers and sisters have to say about Sacred Union.

Monthly Tarot Article

Cal Garrison
The Five of Cups

"The Lovers" would be the obvious pick for this months’ issue — but we decided to look at "The Five of Cups" instead. Tarot buffs will be interested in what Cal Garrison has to say about this complex and interesting card. Its meaning speaks to the difficulties we all face when it’s time to let go of a relationship and move on with our lives.


Love and Wisdom, pain and joy of being in a Sacred Relationship www.heartbeings.com

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