Vol 3 No 5

Table of Contents

Spirit of Ma'at  Vol 3 December 2002    "The Water of Life" Cover
EDITORIAL: The Water of Life   And God said, "Let the water teem with living creatures." Drunvalo
Water Karma    Drunvalo addresses the many, many questions we receive about "Sufi" (Turkish) water, the water car, the water car video, Slim Spurling devices, kinds of water, water structuring devices, and more. Drunvalo
Nature and Science of Water
Water as Creator and Creation    Water is our teacher, according to William Marks, author of The Holy Order of Water. The nature of water is related to Creation and the cosmos, as well as to our daily lives and thoughts and the very future of Planet Earth. Marks
Viktor Schauberger: The Man Who Gazed at Rivers    Engineer Frank Germano explains applications of Schauberger's implosion and vortex technology to power our lives and decrease use of fossil fuels, and his theories of the health implications of drinking "surface" versus "mature" water. Germano
Digital Biology and the Memory Effect of Water    Dr. Jacques Benveniste has proved that what scientists "know" about how molecules communicate just ain't so! Even Nature magazine whines that this French doctor's results are "hard to reconcile." True. They point to a new, magical technology and a new physics! Benveniste
Different Kinds of Water
Structured Water and the Fountain of Youth    Dr. Patrick Flanagan, one of the world's most distinguished inventors, speaks with us about his amazing adventures with water and its relationship to long life. See also More About Patrick Flanagan. Flanagan
ORMUS: Is It the Philosopher's Stone?    ORMUS devotees see this water as the biblical manna. Many believe it has mystical and healing properties. Amazingly, in this day of proprietary formulas, you can make it yourself. Carter
The Watercard: From Russia with Love    This article, and the technology described in it, goes way off into the realms of miracle. For Victor Vergun, they're not miracles at all. They're just "business as usual." Really fascinating and mind-opening! See also Water Laws, translated excerpts from Virgun's book Fundamental Laws of Existence and Survival of the Human Being. Vergun
Healing Waters from the Earth
The Lore and Mystery of Healing Wells    Healing waters like those at Lourdes and Glastonbury have been creating local miracles for thousands of years. This article includes an interview with Benjamin Creme about the Maitreya healing wells that are being discovered worldwide. Creme
Messages from the Spirits at Manitou Springs    At the foot of Pike's Peak, the various healing waters at Manitou Springs contain minerals from deep within the Earth. With the Utes as their Earth Keepers, these waters have been used in a sacred way for thousands of years. Dunkin
Caution: Don't Drink
And Not a Drop to Drink    Beautifully written and researched, interesting, and very scary information about the various forms of pollution in our water supply. Includes expert testimony from three concerned scientists. Griffin
Fluoride and the Poisoning of America's Water    Many doctors, researchers, and scientists have long known the debilitating effects of water fluoridation. Here, Dr. Jim Medlock speaks with authority about what's know on this subject — and why governments put this toxin in our water. Medlock