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Upcoming Video
and "Is It Safe
for the Ecology?"

by Drunvalo
Besides giving you more information about the Water Car and about an upcoming instructional video, this article addresses the issue of whether using water as fuel is safe and ecologically sound. To read the latter discussion first, please go here.

We at the Spirit of Ma'at seriously considered the possibility that our last issue — to be quite blunt — would survive on the Internet for perhaps one or two hours before "someone" would make it disappear.

Like our flag after 9-11, though, it's still there. And since that's so, we can only conclude that the Powers That Be have decided to "Let the games begin"!

The successful publication of plans to convert a gasoline engine to run on ordinary tap water is a world coup, both for the people and for the planet. With this in our hands, it is now only a matter of time before everyone realizes that water is a better and healthier fuel for our transportation. The person or persons who anonymously gave this knowledge to the world should — and I believe, will — be remembered as heroes.

Upcoming Video Presentation

The Water Car works, and we know this for certain. But soon you, too, will know, for you will see it before your eyes in a beautiful, professionally produced documentary showing the actual conversion of an ordinary car to run on ordinary water, with eminent scientists to explain every step of the way.

This time, the plans come from an inventor who has patented an almost identical method to that which appears in our first article, Convert Your Car to Run on Water. His are the cars we've seen in operation, and he is now stepping forth to share this technology with the world.

Also, this inventor has taken the design further by finding a method to solve the rust problem without the necessity to ceramicize or replace anything in your car's motor.

This video documentary should be finished within a couple of months. If you are a nonsubscriber and wish to be notified when this video is available, please use our Contact Form (subscribers will receive this information automatically). Or just watch our Products section.

Ecological Safety of Water as Fuel

But before we created this video, there was a question that needed to be addressed, and this concerned the validity and wisdom of using water as fuel. Could water as fuel not have the result of using up our supply of water, and possibly destroying the precious balance of the Earth's ecosystems?

One of our thoughtful readers asked us about this. Below, slightly edited for readability, is our response. We trust that it will calm any concerns you may have in this regard.

Is Water as Fuel Ecologically Safe?

Dear [name withheld],

The following is my opinion, and I recognize that others may think differently.

This potential problem of running cars on water and using so much water that it destroys the atmosphere and probably all life of Earth has been considered for over 30 years now.

In 1970, a company I consulted for in Canada invented a simple catalytic device to break water into hydrogen and oxygen so that it could be burned. After a great deal of thought, we destroyed the plans, thinking in the same way as some of you that it would eventually use up the world's supply of water and harm or destroy the Earth.

However, in recent times I have changed my mind, and here is why.

Temporary Measures

Foremost, the idea of running gasoline engines on water would only be used as a temporary measure and as a stepping-stone to far better technologies, which already exist and which would quickly replace this idea of running cars on water.

But until the strangle-hold of the oil companies is broken, these higher technologies will never come out, and the use of petroleum will continue. This is the consensus of the scientists that I have spoken with. What I have heard around the world is: "If we use the water car technology, this will open the way to even simpler and greater technologies that are clean and harmless."

Water Asteroids

Further, it has been found that the Earth's water supply is not static, as most of us have believed. The amount of water on Earth is increasing every day. In fact, it has been discovered in the last few years that vast amounts of water are daily arriving from space in the form of water asteroids! These huge, megaton water asteroids hit the upper atmosphere, immediately vaporize, and eventually settle down to Earth.

One place where you may view photos from NASA of these arriving water asteroids is in Dr. Emoto's first book, The Message From Water.

Why these water asteroids are only coming to Earth and not to other planets such as Mars is a mystery. And whether or not this is something that is just happening now or if it's been happening for the history of the Earth is another question that no one knows the answer to.

Melting Poles

On top of this, ocean levels are rising because of the melting poles. As a result, there is beginning to be too much water on Earth. I have talked with scientists who feel that it would actually help if a small amount of water were somehow used at this time — such as for the running of cars.

Increased Oxygen

Running cars on water will help to improve another ecological situation that is crucially impacting the survival of life, and that is the dwindling supply of oxygen on Earth.

The only thing coming out of the tailpipe of a car running on water is oxygen and water vapor, or steam (which quickly condenses back into water). Running cars on water would help replenish the oxygen in our atmosphere.

The Need for a Quick Solution

Even further — and this to me is the primary reason for switching to water as fuel — our current ecological problem is so great that if we do not do something to lower the use of fossil fuels, our Earth will be destroyed. It will no longer matter if she has water or not.

Sometimes a person ingests something that is potentially dangerous in order to become healthy. Running cars on water is akin to this concept.

In Conclusion

I agree with you. It could be potentially dangerous if we were to continue to use water as fuel for an excessive period of time.

But all things considered, this solution is the best of what the governments will allow at this time. Even the governments are preparing to run cars on fuel cells, which is hydrogen. But hydrogen burns oxygen, it does not release it.

And in order to implement this technology, we will not have to change our engines — only our source of fuel, and then only for a few years until far better methods will be publicly available.

The Water Car conversion makes use of present cars, and that is a definite plus. But there are new technologies that go far beyond the conversion of water to Brown's gas. Knowing what I do about what's out there, I can tell you that once when these new technologies become available, the automobile as we know it will be completely obsolete.

I hope this helps your fears. As I mentioned, I had the same fears myself once, and I would never act or give information unless I believed that it was the best course to follow.

However, I am not the last source. I believe that the people themselves will become clear enough in time to make the right decisions. I believe in you.

Thank you for your insight. Please don't stop questioning everything.

In love and service,


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