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It is our intent at the Ma'at Shop to bring you products that we use ourselves, that are unique, and — above all — that will carry forward our purpose to help "in a good way" with the healing of Mother Earth and Her children — ourselves and all our relations. About Spirit of Ma'at Products


The people who make it their business to inform us about the future have billed September 2011 as a month full of cataclysm and upheaval. With major Earth changes already altering the fabric of our lives, even the most skeptical among us has to wonder if the prophets might be right when they say: “This isn’t going to let up. We haven’t seen anything yet”. In the midst of predictions that raise all of life’s more ultimate questions, how do we respond to the one that asks us; “What do we need to be doing at a time like this?” If some of us have chosen to keep living our lives as if everything will keep right on going, there are others who are ready to leave it all behind and head for higher ground. For every person who decides to “Get right with God” or hunker down in an “Off the Grid” bunker, there are just as many who aren’t the least bit concerned about how all of this plays out. As we approach the Fall Equinox, no one knows for sure what the future holds — but no matter how we choose to approach it, we are united by the fact that we are all in this together. For that reason, our September issue was compiled with the intent to look at what’s on the horizon from a variety of different perspectives. If what you find here gets you thinking, not only about how you see things, but about how others have decided to live through this trip through the Eye of the Needle, our mission will be accomplished. Welcome to our “9/11, Fall Equinox Edition”; it’s time to open your mind and let it be filled with a harvest of timely and informative articles and media presentations.

AN INTERVIEW WITH DRUNVALO MELCHIZEDEK — On 2012, humanity, universal evolution, and extra and inner terrestrial beings including plasma beings.

Web cast with Lilou Mace and WebTV

French correspondent Lilou Mace gets together with Drunvalo Melchizedek in an in depth discussion that takes the ET question from the post World War II cover-ups all the way to the present and to events that give new meaning to the word, "Contact". Their conversation focuses mainly on the Great Shift and the off world energies that are here to help us get through it. As Drunvalo attempts to bring us up to speed on the extra and inner terrestrial presence, he covers the evolution of the universe and the current need to slow down and be receptive to the forces that have come to guide us toward a more loving and heart centered way of being. If you're one of those people who doesn't like to have their limits stretched, skip this one — but if you love getting beamed up, tune into a two-part interview with the man who knows more about it than anyone and listen to him cut to the chase of the ET and IT disclosure scenario. To tune in, give yourself an hour and a half and click here:

Video at YouTube Part I:
Drunvalo Melchizedek on ETs, Pole Shifts, universal evolution, and 2012. (39 minutes)

Video at YouTube Part II:
Drunvalo Melchizedek talks about the Plasma Beings, a race of "Inner Terrestrials" who are currently doing everything in their power to help us evolve. (46 minutes)


An interview with Lilou Mace (About 1 hour)

Drunvalo is always amazing. His interview with Lilou Mace was filmed in late January 2011, in the heart of the Sedona Vortex. Here you will find an hour's worth of information that will be of interest to anyone who wants to stay tuned in to ideas that will bring them to a clearer understanding of what's going on and where to keep the focus in the midst of a dimensional shift.

(PS: If you've heard about the Plasma Beings, and you want to learn more, you won't want to miss this 3-Part series at YouTube)

Video Part I: Dimensions and Angels

Video Part II: What is next in our Rapid Evolution?

Video Part III: The Importance of Being in our Heart NOW

Artikel auf Deutsch

NEU IN DIESEM MONAT! Für unsere Freunde in Deutschland und diejenigen unter euch, die flüssiger in der deutschen Sprache sind, als in Englisch, oder Spanisch, freuen wir uns anzukündigen, dass die deutsche Ausgabe des SPIRIT OF MA'AT ab dem 1. Juli 2009 verfügbar sein wird. Unser Dank geht an unseren Freund Volkmar Pawlik, für die Hilfe bei diesem Projekt.

Artículos en Español

Todas nuestras revistas electrónicas de Spirit of Ma'at a partir de la del mes de Febrero de 2009 ha sido especialmente traducidas para nuestros amigos de habla hispana, y la mayoría de los materiales ahora están disponibles en Español. ¡Esperamos que las disfruten!


Damos la bienvenida a la ayuda y apoyo de nuestra buena amiga, Mayte Abad-Morente. Mayte, que ha firmado como nuestra traductora de español, y a través de su esfuerzo y su trabajo todos nuestros lectores de castellano pueden, de nuevo, disfrutar leyendo cada edición de Spirit of Ma’at en su lengua materna. Nuestro amor y nuestra gratitud para Mayte por su disposición para asumir el trabajo.

Previous Ma'at Issues

We publish a new magazine each month, from those that were previously available only through subscription. We invite you to explore more than 50 issues of Spirit of Ma'at e-zine on various exciting topics.

Save the Earth

Four Things You Can Do Right Now to Help Your Planet

UFO Book

For those of you who have asked, the online UFO book is at UFO Book.

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Upcoming Events

Drunvalo's upcoming workshops

Drunvalo has now scheduled his 2011 workshop dates. For those of you who wish to learn from Drunvalo personally, dates and registration forms for both the Basic and Advanced Earth-Sky-Heart Workshops can be found at www.drunvalo.net.

August 1-5 — Earth/Sky/Heart Workshop — Sedona, Arizona

October 15-16 — Earth/Sky/Heart Refresher Course — Sedona, Arizona

October 17-21 — Advanced Workshop — Sedona, Arizona

Spiritual Journeys

One Heart Productions

Your Guide to Spiritual Adventure!

"The Dawn of a New Time" Spiritual Gathering of the Four Indigenous Peoples of the Sierra Nevada of Gonawindua August 18th to 22nd, 2011. Nabusimake-Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia. More information at: www.oneheartproductions.net.

Flower of Life Products

Flower of Life Products

From our Good Friends at Sacred Womyn.

"Let us introduce you to www.FlowerofLifeProducts.com featuring; yantras, water bottles, FOL jewelry, stickers, and FOL clothing (as seen at Drunvalo's workshops), CD's and DVDs, and other cool stuff." (off site)

New in the Ma'at Shop

Aureiah Chakra Essential Oils

Comes in either 8-bottle oil or essence spray sets or individual bottles. Each one is in vibratory alignment with the corresponding chakra. A powerful and beautiful way to balance and create a sense of peace in your life.

Becalm Balls — For Instant Relaxation

Becalm Balls enable you to experience instant relaxation that deepens and grows into a state of absolute calm. They are designed to interrupt our stress cycle by triggering the body`s natural ability to bring it to a standstill. This is what is called a therapeutic `stillpoint`. When placed behind your head for just a few minutes, Becalm Balls bring you into `stillpoint`, allowing your body to repair and renew itself. Experience the benefits of absolute calm.

Earth Sky / Living in the Heart 2006 Tokyo Workshop DVD series

This is a workshop that was given to the Japanese people in Tokyo, Japan in 2006 by Drunvalo Melchizedek. It is both an Earth Sky workshop and a Living in the Heart workshop combined. It is approximately 18 hours long. Herein is the information that continues beyond the Mer-Ka-Ba. Such as the Beams of Light from the pineal gland, the opening of the Third Eye, the directions of how to enter into your heart space, and how to reconnect the heart to the brain. Once connected the understanding of creating from the heart is revealed. This is the knowledge of ascension. It is both in English and Japanese, with an all Japanese audience.

Humicin Tablets: Now in THREE Formulas!

We are pleased to announce that in addition to SELENIUM-HUMICIN and FERROUS-HUMICIN formulas, we are now offering "PURE" HUMICIN Capsules, the newest version of this wonderful health product. To find out more about all three formulas, go to the "FOR YOUR HEALTH" section of the Ma'at Shop.

Living in the Heart Sticker

Add this piece of sacred art imagery to your water bottle, car window, or anyplace you can think of for a cool sticker!

"The Birth Of A New Humanity"

A great new DVD with Drunvalo Melchizedek. This is your opportunity to receive the first edition of Drunvalo's most recent communication on the consciousness shift and the Earth changes that make the times we're in the most incredible moment in history. This DVD includes Drunvalo's account of the work that has been done on the crystalline grid that surrounds the planet, his perspective on current events and their relationship to the Atlantis cataclysm, the untold story of the Indigenous ones and the Star People who are here now to help us find our way through the Great Shift of the Ages, and much, much more. Don't miss this one; it is worth watching and sharing over and over again.
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