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Vol 2 January 2000

From the Dogons
and the Zulus:

Two ''Impossible'' Stories

by Drunvalo

''Aliens from Sirius Visit African Tribes!'' It sounds like a headline from a supermarket tabloid. But the cave drawings and objects that might support such a story actually exist. I have seen them both in real life and in special documentaries. And although the story of the Dogons may be found elsewhere (we'll give you a link later on), and found in detail in books like The Sirius Mystery by Robert Temple, it is usually not known that another tribe in Africa besides the Dogon holds an almost identical experience in their origin stories: the Zulu. And naturally it is how they say they received this secret knowledge that is challenged, yet it is what this knowledge actually is that makes their stories believable.

The Dogon Story

The Dogons are an indigenous tribe in Africa. About 100,000 strong, they hold knowledge that they could not possibly have received by today's understanding, for it implies, among other things, the use of giant, powerful telescopes and the mathematical concepts of modern astronomy. And yet it is so. And the story of how they came by this knowledge is equally unbelievable by today's standards, for the Dogons claim that it came from amphibious beings who arrived long ago in a spaceship.

We present this not only to bring you the new information I mentioned, which is that another tribe, the Zulu, also claim to have been visited by these same ET's, but also to illustrate that sometimes indigenous people possess information that goes beyond our concepts of what they could possibly know. There have been many theories as to how the Dogons came by this information, but they are all inadequate. The Dogons themselves claim that they have had this knowledge for at least seven hundred years -- and if that's true it defies everything we think we know about both human and alien presence on Earth.

The information of which I speak has been preserved in cave drawings. I saw them myself, years ago, in a very professional documentary about the Dogons. There is an image of the spacecraft, and images of the alien beings, along with a great deal of other information that they could not have had, such as the knowledge of the white and red blood cells, which would require a microscope, and descriptions of the outer planets which would require a telescope. A holy man stays and protects the cave for his whole life and when he dies, I was told, another holy man comes forth to take his place.

The Dogons' tradition of how the spacecraft came to earth is that it descended from space and landed. The occupants then made a hole in the ground and, somehow, the amphibious occupants of the spacecraft -- the Nommo -- filled the hole with water, and when it was full, disembarked into the water.

These beings then met the Dogons' ancestors and gave them the knowledge of which you may read in the linked website.

The Zulu Story

I once spent time with Credo Mutwa, the spiritual leader of the Zulu tribe in Africa. He told me that the Zulus had a similar experience with the Nommo, and that his tribe also have had the knowledge they brought for hundreds of years. It's notable that the Zulu gave them the same name: Nommo. As Credo Mutwa told me the Zulu story, I realized that it differed from the Dogons' in only two points.

The first, small difference between the two stories is that, where the Dogons say the Nommo made a hole in the ground and filled it with water, the Zulus say that the Nommo landed in a valley, and then made it rain until the valley was filled with water. In both cases, the Nommo then came over to them and communicated that they were from the star Sirius.

The big difference between the two stories is in the appearance of the space beings themselves. The images I was shown in the cave were dolphin-like, air-breathing fish. But when I talked with Credo Mutwa, he showed me a small statue of what the alien beings had on the website you are about to see. I can't explain this. On this site as well as with the Zulus, the Nommo are still air-breathing, amphibious beings, but are like frogmen, complete with scales.

Beyond the idea that this special knowledge was brought to both these tribes by ET's, what is it they know that is so unusual? To find out, please visit this link: Dogon information).

There has been at least one documentary movie on this subject. It shows the inside of the cave, and the drawings. The spacecraft the Dogons were talking about can be clearly seen. When you read this website you will discover much more.

If you have any information concerning the Dogon or the Zulu, please let us know so that we may share it with our readers.

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