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painting by Douglas Taylor

UFOs and
Aliens in

with Tom Dongo

by Diane M. Cooper

The above painting is © Douglas Taylor and used with permission.
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Tom Dongo is an author and researcher into the paranormal who has been investigating UFOs and interviewing "experiencers" for two decades.

Diane: How long have you been interested in the UFO phenomenon?

Tom: The whole thing started about twenty years ago when I was at the Berkeley Psychic institute in Santa Cruz.

Then I moved to Sedona, Arizona, and all kinds of weird things started to happen. I was one of those people who just had to move here but didn't know why. I ran into all kinds of other people who had migrated here for the same reason. That got me digging into the Sedona phenomenon, which led me to begin writing books.

I wrote The Mysteries of Sedona and then The Alien Tide.[1] And during the time I was writing The Alien Tide, I ran across all sorts of UFO and alien incidents that had occurred around Sedona.

Diane: To you?

Tom: At first I didn't have UFO sightings myself, but later on I did. I've now had approximately four hundred UFO sightings and six that I would classify as extraterrestrial because of their exotic appearance. I've also interviewed about six hundred people who have also had UFO or alien experiences.

Diane: Would you say there is something consistent running through all those incidents?

Tom: Although each sighting remains unique unto itself, there is consistency with abduction scenarios, yes. It got to the point when I was conducting abduction interviews that I could almost always tell what the person was going to say next. Over time, I lost interest in hearing abduction stories unless something really unusual had occurred.

You have to remember that I am basically a UFO Paranormal Researcher. I'm a researcher of the anomalous. The weirder it is, the better I like it. My books sell all over the world, and I'm kind of at the hub of a network. I receive mounds of mail and emails, and I may have the world's largest collection of paranormal photographs.

Diane: Many people say they have had direct contact with aliens. What type of beings do your interviewee's describe?

Tom: It seems that in nine out of ten experiences the beings are humanoid — not human but humanoid: one head, two arms, two legs, two feet. But there are a few — a very small percentage — that are insectile or reptilian.

The government has known about this stuff for over fifty years now, and in my estimation they've been in contact with at least half a dozen races of aliens.

Diane: Have you had contact yourself?

Tom: No, not consciously. Subconsciously maybe but not consciously that I recall.

Diane: How do you make the distinction?

Tom: The conscious state is with your eyes open — you look up, you see an alien appearing in physical form. The unconscious would be occurrences within a sleep state or in an altered state such as hypnosis.

When I was doing interviews, I found that most of the stories would come out only under hypnosis. Hypnosis isn't a hundred percent reliable, but it is the best tool I know of to uncover some of these memories.

Diane: As a former hypnotherapist, I can vouch for that. But the problem is, you can't verify anything that is said.

Tom: If there are no leading questions asked, then I lend the experiences revealed under hypnosis a high degree of credibility.

Diane: Why do you think there are so many other-than-earthly beings interested in what is going on here?

Tom: I believe there are at least a dozen different alien races here all the time, coming and going. Some of the estimates have been as high as fifty or more alien species that have been here at one time or another.

I think some are here because of mild curiosity and some seem to be here for scientific study. I think many seem to be our enemies — they would kill us all if they had a chance. But there also seems to be a more powerful group of aliens that are keeping those that would like to harm us at bay.

Diane: And you've come to this opinion by the interviews that you've conducted?

Tom: Yes. Pure research.

Diane: What is on the forefront of UFO research these days?

Tom: Well, I just came back from the International UFO Congress and a high priority of discussion was the Planet X theory.

Planet X is also called Niburu, as discussed by Zechariah Sitchin in his book The 12th Planet.[2] Nibiru is a rogue planet that makes its appearance every 3,600 years, and there is some thought that it is due to pass by the Earth fairly soon.

Nibiru's reappearance was one focus of the UFO Congress. If it really is coming, it will pass in close proximity to the Earth, and they say it will generate winds of about three hundred miles per hour and tidal waves that will take out the coastal cities. The planet is supposed to be enormous — hundreds of times greater than the Earth — and the gravitational fields would do great damage to the Earth.

The opinions are divided pretty much down the middle as to whether it will come or not, but no one seems to know for sure.

Personally, I concur with Zechariah Sitchin, who is probably the world's expert on Planet X. He thinks it won't be here for another thousand years. Anther reason I don't think it is coming is because it is not in the Bible Code. In the new book Bible Code II there is no mention of the planet. And the book's predecessor, The Bible Code, has been extremely accurate in its predictions.[3]

Diane: Earlier you said it seems as if there is another race of beings that is watching over us. What makes you say this?

Tom: I recently watched a video about an occurrence in Turkey involving four airline pilots who saw an asteroid meteor falling to Earth that would have done enormous damage. And two UFOs were seen breaking it up into smaller pieces with beams of light. As you can see in the video, there was a flaming mass coming into the Earth's atmosphere over Turkey. And right behind it you can see a UFO, following it in. It is an absolutely incredible video.

Also, Russian researchers say they have discovered an installation in Siberia in an area that is a hundred thousand miles square and is totally uninhabited by humans. They think the Tunguska asteroid of 1908 was destroyed by something at this facility, because several people observed something firing into the sky from this area, and then the asteroid exploded. The Russians also say that something from this installation fired again last September, shooting at something out in space. They think that whoever built this installation left it there to protect the Earth.

I also saw a video on another well-documented incident, at Mount Popocatéptl, the volcano that was erupting near Mexico City about four years ago. UFOs are seen hovering over it, firing into the volcano. Scientists from Denmark were recording the seismic activity, and you can see the needle rocking all over the place. Then it stops suddenly.

At least half of Mexico City would have been destroyed if this volcano had erupted. But just like that, it stopped. Not only were other UFOs seen hovering around, firing beams of light into it, but a UFO is seen flying into the volcano itself. You can see this clearly on the video.

This is what I mean when I say I believe someone is out there helping us.

Diane: Well, it kind of looks as though we need help.

Tom: Desperately. You know, I have everyone reading this book called Voyagers: The Sleeping Abductees, Vol. 1, by Ashayana Deane.[4] Basically, what this book says is that those that are here to help have done everything they can. Ultimately they can't intervene, and they say we have to activate our own powers. Once we do this, then nothing will be able to interfere with us.

Diane: That seems reasonable. It's what all the masters and sages have been saying for a long time.

Tom: All along, it has been said that we've been asleep and have to remember who we are.

Diane: It would seem to be extremely logical, and my intuition agrees, that we are not the only life forms in this solar system, and therefore what we do here is of great interest elsewhere.

Tom: We're on the verge of destroying ourselves. That's why this phenomenon is of great interest to me. Some of the aliens are coming from deep space, but most are coming from other dimensions. They are "here," but living in another dimension.

Diane: So that means what we do here would exceedingly affect other realities.

Tom: Yes. Dramatically so, in some cases.

Diane: There are many people like yourself, who would be considered experts in this field but who have not had direct contact with extraterrestrials. Why do you think this is so?

Tom: I've wondered that myself. I've seen plenty of UFOs — hundreds. But as far as I know, I've not had direct alien contact. Why? I've no idea.

Diane: Maybe it keeps you objective.

Tom: Maybe. Positive alien contact is something I've wanted for a long time. Maybe it will happen in the future. I don't know.

According to my research, the "positive" aliens seem to be worried that we are going to destroy ourselves. We're probably at the point where it could go one way or another. As I mentioned earlier, there are many races who appear to be here to help us, and still others who would like us to fail. Given that, I believe the next two years are going to be very interesting.

Most of what I do is solid research. Of course, I have my own opinions on what is occurring. But I've talked to people deep in the government who've known about UFOs since around 1943. It is well known that the US government has open contact with aliens, and many people have discussed seeing aliens and ships while in government service. These people were in the intelligence branches of the government and now are mostly retired. The ones in active service are too afraid to talk.

But those early witnesses who are long retired, getting older, and probably won't live much longer, are coming forward. There's absolutely no question that the government has had dealings with aliens, and from those encounters has received antigravity technology that has been utilized since at least the 1970s. There are reams of evidence to prove this. But the petroleum industry is so powerful, they are able to squelch all free energy devices up until this point.

Now, Dr. Steve Greer[5], founder of CSETI — the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence — and his organization are going to market a device that will revolutionize everything. That is they will if they are allowed to continue and are not stopped in some way.

Diane: So its true that someone is trying to stop this information from coming out?

Tom: Probably the petroleum industry and the government are trying to keep free energy devices off the market, to keep control of the people.

Diane: Is it possible that some of our military weapons such as those used in Star Wars came from extraterrestrials?

Tom: There is no doubt about that. From what I've heard from inside sources, the most devastating weapons we've gained are psychotronic weapons — weapons that affect our consciousness. Whoever has these weapons knows how the human brain works. All they have to do is dial up a certain frequency, and they can induce panic or chaos. They've had psychotronic weapons for a long time, probably gained from downed alien craft. For some reason they don't appear to be using them yet.

Diane: From your books it looks as if there are a lot of sightings here in Sedona.

Tom: Yes, but not just here. They are occurring everywhere. If peoplel looked up, they 'd see a lot more.

About 2 months ago, we had two UFOs — two balls of light that were incredibly bright — fly right over downtown Sedona and then over my house. We have about five minutes of videotape on this. A light plane — a Cessna — was on an intersecting course with the lead UFO, and dove underneath the UFO. We have all this on videotape. Either the pilot was trying to get a better view of the UFO, or he was trying to avoid a collision.

I asked around for several weeks, and not one person saw this. People just don't look up. They really don't.

Diane: So based on your research, what can we as individuals do to help?

Tom: That's a good question, actually. I think having a more positive attitude toward world peace would be a very good idea. We have the tribal warfare thing inbred into our consciousness. So we have to concentrate and focus on more positive thoughts of peace and brotherhood.

Diane: What would be one of the best ways for us to accelerate our waking up?

Tom: Read everything you can and form an opinion, but be open minded.

Diane: Is there a place where people can send their photos or journals of UFO experiences?

Tom: They can send things like that to me.

I don't want to be overwhelmed, and I cannot answer every letter. But if someone has something really important other than just chit-chat or fan mail, they can send it to PO Box 2571, Sedona, AZ 86339. If there is something really important and unusual that has occurred to someone, or if they have phenomenal UFO footage, I'd like to see it.

Diane: Thank you Tom.

Tom DongoTom Dongo grew up in rural Maine and used to go roaming alone in the big Maine woods near his home. He loves everything about the outdoors, and has camped in forty-five of the forty-eight states.

A recognized world authority on UFOs and the paranormal, Tom has authored six books on the subject and lectured in the western states for the past ten years. He was a featured speaker at the International UFO Congress in 2001, and has appeared on national television over twenty times since 1993.

As a semi-professional photographer, Tom has seen his photographs in national and international magazines. He also is a distance runner and an avid skier with professional experience as both a patrolman and an instructor.

When not investigating, writing, and lecturing about UFOs and other paranormal phenomena, Tom has spent much of his time exploring North America, especially Alaska, the Yukon, Canada, and the American West. But the Southwest is now his "backyard," and he has lived in Sedona, Arizona, for the past fifteen years.


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