angel in prison

Vol 3, No 4

Ending the Cycle
of Revenge
war cemetery
    EDITORIAL: Ending the Cycle of Revenge    It will take only a small percentage of us to implement the shift in world consciousness that leads to peace. And there are many great souls leading the way.

    The bombing of a Coventry Cathedral becomes a force for trust in the future. See A Cathedral Forgives.

gang graffiti

    From Gangbanger to Teacher of Peace
      Want to bring spiritual inspiration to an inner city school? You're invited! A former gang member creates miracles in the streets of New York in this fascinating, mind-expanding story of love and hope.
Jews and Arabs holding vigil for peace

    Wounded Spirits in a Promised Land
      Two friends — a Palestinian Arab and an Israeli Jew — travel the world together to tell their untold story of interfaith peace efforts. The real news, they say, cannot be found in the media.
Freetown, Sierra Leone

    The Amazing Story of Sierra Leone
      How could the cruel atrocities of this civil war be forgiven? If life was to go on, the people had no choice. Told by a woman of the people from this war-torn country.
dove of peace

    Heroes of Peace
        Stories from around the world of ordinary people leading their communities in extraordinary strides toward peace and forgiveness — all soon to be captured on film.
world meditation
man, woman, dawn

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