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February, 2008

We are happy to present new articles and messages for February issue of Spirit of Ma'at.

User's guide to Slim Spurling's 'Light-Life™ Tools'

By Cal Garrison

Every day the Spirit of Ma'at receives numerous phone calls from people who want to know what to do with Slim Spurling's Tools. To make it easier to understand which Tool is which and how each one works, we asked Cal to write up a user's guide for this month's issue. Newcomers and veteran Light-Life™ Tool fanatics alike will find this free download to be a practical and informative reference.

The Blue Star — Herald of the Dawn

By Almine

This article is a piece of channeled information downloaded from the libraries of Isis. Under the stewardship of the Ascended Masters of Ireland, or the Sacred Order of the White Rose, these records were opened to Almine and translated into words last summer. By January 2008, the last bits of knowledge were revealed to her through the Ancient Order of the White Horse. Although Celtic in origin this wisdom correlates directly with both the Hopi and the Mayan prophecies. We include it here to offer a different perspective on the appearance of the Blue Star.

The Prophecy of the Cornerstone

From Almine

Almine's message revolves around the advent of the Blue Star and the union of the long separated portions of the White Horse Libraries. Her Guides have informed her that these events mark the end of all the lies and herald the imminent destruction of the old paradigm. Almine's words seem to parallel the Hopi messages — check out her spin on what's happening right now.

Dancing with the Earth through Times of Change

Ron LaPlace Interviews Adam Yellowbird DeArmon

Everything that we ever could dream or imagine is accessible to us right now. We just have to get out of our own way and let the Divine work with us and through us at this time. We can stop stumbling over our own feet and take steps forward… and we have a real 'knowing' of what those steps are. It's already there within us. That is the message I would like to share. — Adam Yellowbird DeArmon

The Hopi Message

For those of you who haven't had time to read the Hopi Prophesies we are including a reprint here to give you some background on this body of wisdom. The copy we selected is consistent with every other version of the story, all of which appear to have been translated from the same source. The appearance of the Blue Star is mentioned in every account as being the first herald of the End Times and as the sign that marks our formal entrance into the Fifth World. In addition to the Prophesy document we decided to include a reprint of the speech made by Hopi Elder, Thomas Banyaca at the United Nations in 1959 to offer you a perspective on the extent to which our leaders have heeded his powerful message.

The Hopi Prophesies

This version of Hopi Prophesies has been widely circulated on the internet. We are including it here to give you a frame of reference for the rest of the information in this issue. May we suggest that you read this first — it is full of wisdom and very simply stated. Much of what you are about to read has already come to pass and it appears as if we are entering the Fifth World.

The Past is in Front of You

By Steve Thomson

Inspired by the words of one of his teachers, Steve's article focuses on the virtues of honoring the past, and acknowledging the body of experience that gave birth to the present. As we move into the "Time of no Time" underneath it all this essay seems to whisper that what's really happening is that past, present, and future have all become one and the same thing. In order to see that we may need to learn how to bring the essence of the past into the present and use it to create a foundation for the future.

Blue Star: Fulfilling Prophecy

An Audio Interview with Miriam Delicado by Peter Tongue

It was our readers who turned us on to Miriam Delicado's and her psychic abilities. Following their lead, we fell down a rabbit hole of information that included a Coast-to-Coast interview, and Miriam's book, "Blue Star: Fulfilling Prophecy". Since we couldn't tap into her Coast-to-Coast talk, she gave us permission to re-run an interview she did with Peter Tongue (www.petertongue.com) Listen to what Miriam has to say about the appearance of the Blue Star.

Excerpt from "Alien Blue Star" — by Miriam Delicado

Giving to the Earth; the Earth Gives Back

By Phoenix Rising Star

Guided by messages that came from their dreams and meditations, Phoenix Rising-Star and her friends set out on a trip to balance and stabilize a vortex down in Belize. Phoenix's account of what took place on this magical mystery tour will remind all of you that what we are called to do doesn't have to make sense if in the end it will make a difference — and whenever these things are done in service to Mother Earth, she never fails to let us know how much she appreciates it.

Serpent of Light: Beyond 2012 — by Drunvalo Melchizedek

A Book Review by Kent Daniel Bentkowski

Those of you who haven't had the chance to read Drunvalo's latest book, 'The Serpent of Light', will enjoy reading this review. Kent Bentkowski's words capture the essence of Drunvalo's work in an honest and direct way. His commentary and personal insights offer an objective look at a body of experience that, while it seems fantastic and perhaps too good to be true, is in fact more timely and real that most of the things we loan credence to.

A Biography by Kentroversy



Thoughts on the Blue Star — Letters From Our Readers

Introduction by Cal Garrison

Back in early January our experiences with the Blue Star seemed to indicate that something new and different was filtering into our lives. Out of curiosity, we sent out a mass email asking our readers if they too were noticing things. What came back in the way of responses suggests that most of us see this harbinger of the End Times as an expansive, opening influence that is inspiring everyone to wake up. While there are some that see it differently, the general consensus on Comet Holmes is the same. The Blue Star Letters From Our Readers

Indigenous Native American Prophecy — The Elders Speak

A Gift From You Tube

According to the Elders we are at a crossroad of great problems. If we are not connected to the Earth, and to the Ways of Spirit, we will not make it through what lies ahead. This YouTube video caught our attention and moved us enough to want to share it with you. Check it out — and while you're at it you'll notice that YouTube has many other inspiring videos that cover the End Times Prophesies from the perspective of the First Nation people.

Click here to watch facinating video clips and interviews on WorldViewZ.net.

News and Announcements

For information about Drunvalo's 2008 schedule and upcoming workshops go to www.drunvalo.net


New in the Ma'at Shop

Vitalzym Enzyme Supplements

Drunvalo introduced us to the 'Vitalzym Enzyme Supplements' a few weeks ago. He is so excited about what these products do to restore human health he insisted we carry them in the Ma'at Shop and make them available to all of you as soon as possible. Contrary to what we've been taught, enzymes do way more than aid digestion — according to Drunvalo whole body healing and rejuvenation cannot take place without them. More information about Vitalzym Enzyme Supplements

Songs of Spirit — A Sound Healing CD by Norma Gentile

Our friend, Norma gentile has graced the Ma'at Shop with her latest album, 'SONGS OF SPIRIT'. With 20 healing chants that are designed to help the listener release everything that no longer serves their Soul's purpose, Norma's voice will take you home to your Heart and assist you in bringing more light into your world.
More information about the recording

Sacred Earth — Places of Peace and Power by Martin Gray

Martin Gray's new book is a masterpiece that puts a capstone on 25 years of research. Filled with full color photographs of sacred sites around the world, 'Sacred Earth — Places Of Peace And Power' includes short essays on each site, along with maps that show the viewer where each location aligns with the Earth Grid. More than just another 'coffee table' book, this one literally 'takes you there'. Anyone who loves the Great Mother will be awed and inspired by what they find inside these pages.

More information about the book

The Serpent of Light by Drunvalo Melchizedek

We are happy to announce that Drunvalo's fourth book, 'The Serpent of Light' is on its way to the printer and will be available in the Ma'at Shop in late December. A true account of all the work that has gone into ushering the Earth through the Great Shift of the Ages, 'The Serpent of Light' is Drunvalo at his best!

More information about Drunvalo's new book

The Angel Quest of the Heart by Angela McGerr

At this point in time we feel that it is extremely important for all of us to be more attentive to the daily practice of going within, and more conscious about what happens when we get there.

A two-book set, Angela McGerr's 'Angel Quest of the Heart' takes the reader through a labyrinth of spiritual discovery that is both inspiring and practical. Beautifully presented with full color plates by Richard Rockwood, 'The Angel Quest of the Heart' includes a journal/workbook with seven, guided imagery meditations that bring you straight to the heart. A wonderful growth tool and a perfect gift for all the spiritually inclined people on your Christmas list, the book is available now, in the Ma'at Shop. More information about the new book

Sacred Chants — The Nuns of Gyantse

The Sound Healing Foundation, led by Tom Kenyon and Judy Sion, went to Tibet to record the sacred chants of the Nuns of Gyantse. Never before have these sounds been heard outside the walls of the Lhatse Ani Gompa Nunnery. This 2-CD set is full of frequencies that will resonate deeply with anyone who listens to them — and it is available now, in the Ma'at Shop.

More information about the recording

Vibrant-Vital Water Energizer (New and Improved!)

We are happy to announce that Randy Hatton's new and improved Water Energizers have finally made it through the production phase. Tested with Kirlian photography and other subtle energy instruments, the upgraded version of the product comes with a new arrangement of magnets. At 5,000 surface gauss each, the new magnets are twice as powerful as the old ones — multiplied 4 times, that gives this unit 20,000 surface gauss of high-powered neodymium magnets. The increase in magnetic energy loans greater potency to the water as it spirals through the vortex. Thank you Randy, for always seeking ways to make things better — your super-powered Vibrant Vital Water Energizers are a blessing to us all.

More information about the product

Tibetan Prayer Wheel Pendants

Our new Prayer Wheel Pendants are miniature versions of the wheels found in and around the Buddhist monasteries of the Far East. Filled with the mantra, OM MANI PADME HUM written and repeated 2.2 million times, one turn of the wheel is reputed to harmonize the environment, increase compassion, encourage a peaceful state of mind, and assist the wearer on their path to enlightenment. Handcrafted in Tibet these beautiful necklaces are designed to spread light and blessings all over the world — and they are available now, in the Ma'at Shop.

More information about the product

Messages from Angels

Blue Star Channelings

Through Angela McGerr

For over 3 years Angela McGerr has been receiving messages from the Blue Star. Her first contact came during Drunvalo's pilgrimage to Peru in 2004. This month she has two Angelic Messages to share with us — one from the Thunderbird of the Blue Star and one from Sanusemi. According to Angela, these Seraphim Angels are the ones who supervise the Ascension process, not just of mankind, but of the Earth, and all sentient life forms. Their instructions may be helpful to those of you who have an interest in the mechanics of Ascension.

See also Angela McGerr's new book The Angel Quest of the Heart.

A Sound Healing

Sacred Masculine brings New Hope — A Sound Healing

From Norma Gentile

The appearance of any new celestial body always signals the opening of new portals of consciousness. Since the Blue Star appeared, Norma Gentile has noticed that a new quality of Sacred Masculine energy seems to be permeating the ether. This quality calls us to bring forth our soul's essential qualities of Honor and Truth. With the feminine principle having created a strong chalice, there is a place for the masculine principles to come to rest within our world. This month's Sound Healing opens the space within your body for your own Honor and Truth to awaken and embody them selves into your life's expression.

See also Norma Gentile's new CD 'Songs Of Spirit' — Live Sound Healings.

Sacred Earth

Neolithic Temple of Mnajdra and Gozo

By Martin Gray

Martin Gray's new book, 'SACRED EARTH — PLACES OF PEACE AND POWER' is a photographic reservoir of spiritual information. Each image stirs the cellular memory right down to the core. This book is causing such a stir we decided to showcase one photo a month, along with Martin's commentary on the selected site, so that our readers can have an inside look at this amazing body of work. This month we chose Martin's picture of an ancient temple on the island of Malta. We know it will inspire you to wonder, and perhaps remember, what happened there.

See Martin Gray's new book Sacred Earth — Places of Peace and Power and DVD.

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February 17th —
March 4th, 2008

A Gathering for free spirited Innovators from all over the planet to Celebrate Imagination and Create Cultural Unity Through Diversity.

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