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Vol 1 Aug 2000

Mother Earth and
Her Environment
    EDITORIAL:     Even with everyone's total cooperation, can science still hope to reverse the collapse of our environment?
    The Inner and Outer Worlds    Drunvalo introduces our three guest writers and joins them in suggesting another way of healing Mother Earth.
Gregg Braden

    The Isaiah Effect
      Ancient wisdom reveals a "lost mode of prayer" that can solve humanity's problems. Excerpted from Gregg Braden's new book.
    When the Three Become One   We interview Gregg about the scientific proof that global prayer works.
crystal of water

    Conscious Water Crystals
       Introducing the incredible work of Japan's Msaaru Emoto. His beautiful photographs of crystalline ice show how human thoughts, words, and feelings affect physical reality at the molecular level.
Amazon shaman

    Shapeshift the Environment
      From studies with shamans like the lady at left, John Perkins presents hte indigenous approach to conscious change.
    Shapeshifters of the Amazon.   John Perkins feels that they have much to teach us about creating through pure conscious intent.

    John Perkins

Jimmy Twyman

    Praying Peace
        "Troubador of Peace" James Twyman introduces his new book about the seven pathways to successful scientific prayer.
    The First Pathway   A bonus advance excerpt from Jimmy's book, exclusively for Spirit of Ma'at readers.


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