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Discovering the Patterns

About four years ago, I was working with a young woman during a full day personal energy intensive. The focus she had chosen for her intensive was ''spiritual growth,'' and we spent the day completing the necessary openings and initiations to assist in developing her intuitive gifts and healing abilities. Then, with only a few minutes left at the end of the day, she asked if it might be possible to work on her experiences of severe abuse.

On hearing her story, my attention was caught by an image I had never observed before. What I saw was an intricate, three-dimensional geometric shape floating about four or five feet away from her body. It was filled with intense colors and had smaller patterns interwoven within it. It seemed vibrant and alive. As she spoke about the abuse, I noticed that the pattern became brighter. When she spoke specifically about the ways she was feeling limited by the abuse, one of the smaller internal patterns became even more brilliant. I was fascinated by this geometric shape and continued to watch it as she spoke. It soon became apparent that her experience of childhood abuse and this geometric pattern were connected.

Although it was getting late, we decided to explore this new discovery. Over the next few minutes, as I held my hands over her body and felt the familiar, warm energy flowing through them, the pattern begin to change. Soon, the brightest inner portion of the shape began to fade -- and at this point, she commented that her emotions about the abuse were also fading. Within just a few minutes, the bright portion was transparent. Now, when she thought of the abusive situation her emotions remained balanced.

Although the geometric shape I had originally seen was still visible in this woman's energy field after I had applied healing energy to it, the shape no longer contained the very bright, smaller pattern within it. I later came to understand that what had been cleared was the unneeded, out of balance emotions that she said had been limiting her. What remained in the pattern was the wisdom, compassion, and insights she had gathered from the experience.

''Pattern Shifts'' -- a New Process

From this experience, I began to develop an energy process I called Pattern Shifts©.

I saw that we are constantly bathed in unformed, free-flowing energy, but that the actual structure, the geometric pattern of that energy, is formed from our experiences, judgments, beliefs, and emotions.

Each person's energy field has many hundreds of geometric shapes within it. The geometric patterns that we are consciously engaged with at any moment become bright, or light up, as the unformed energy is pulled through them by our thoughts and emotions. The energy these patterns direct enters our field without form or structure and is completely available for us to use in any way we choose.

I also saw that as we grow and change, so do the geometric shapes. They continually change and restructure as a natural result of the experiences we go through and our responses to those experiences. A specific pattern will change or shift each time we gather a new insight, forgive an old injury, fill with compassion, feel gratitude or expand to love something new. It will also shift as we find a new judgment, create another resentment, harbor anger, or feel guilty or ashamed.

The process I called Pattern Shifts involved the intentional focusing of precise energy toward the geometric shape, causing it to rapidly shift and change. When the energy of the pattern shift was directed to the portion of the pattern containing the unwanted symptom or emotion, it was possible to clear in only a few minutes something that might otherwise have taken months or years. Many times, clients commented that long-standing issues they had been addressing in therapy for many years were cleared or dramatically reduced in just one pattern-shift session.

I tested the use of pattern shifts in a variety of settings. The shifts were used at workshops and conferences, with groups of fifteen to fifteen hundred people. The effectiveness of pattern shifts was explored using one-on-one sessions, telephone sessions, remote-healing projects, and even with television and radio audiences!

I kept extensive records on the effectiveness of pattern shifts during a four-year period. Clients rated the change they experienced after each pattern shift, and participants in the remote energy projects completed surveys and questionnaires to document their experience. Records were kept of over 600 individual applications of pattern shifts by telephone, over 1000 in person applications, and nearly 500 people who participated in five different remote healing projects. In addition, a file of testimonials by individuals who wanted to share more about the healing they experienced remains to be reviewed.

Regardless of the situation in which the pattern shifts were used, the outcome remained consistent. When the results were tallied from personal and phone sessions, and from those in remote projects returning questionnaires, over 85 percent of the people reported highly significant, positive changes as a result of the pattern shifts they received.

Because the pattern shifts method was so effective, there were soon requests from other energy practitioners to learn the process. However, my method at that time required the ability to visually see each pattern and to correctly apply the precise energy required, so that only the unwanted portion would be shifted. leaving the rest of the structure unchanged. Most individuals requesting to learn the process did not have these skills, and learning them would have been difficult and time-consuming.

Making It Teachable: ''The Pulse''

To find a simpler method, I began to observe a common thread that linked one pattern shift with the next. During a healing session, regardless of which pattern was to be shifted, there was always the same, extremely relaxed feeling in my body. My mind had a heightened clarity of thought, emotion, and intention, and I felt a ''pulse'' of flowing, unformed energy moving in me. When healing was ready to take place, the rhythm of the energy pulse was always present. It always represented an opportunity for the client to return to that place of balance we call health. When I was feeling this pulse, I knew that physical symptoms, emotional traumas, and experiences of judgment or blame were ready to be released.

Using these new insights, I condensed the pattern-shifting process into something that could be shared with others. It was no longer necessary to develop the ability to see the patterns, or to learn special skills. Patterns could now be shifted using a process that I soon christened The Pulse©. What remained to be discovered was whether or not this new way to shift a pattern could be learned by others and still produce consistent results.

The first group to learn the Pulse technique was composed of fourteen people from varying backgrounds in healing and the use of energy. We spent one week learning how to connect to our inner guidance and to build the trust necessary to follow its wisdom and knowing. We learned how to think in new ways, let go of old beliefs and reactions, quiet the mind, and move into the silence.

As workshops participants sat in the silence, a peace would begin to fill them and radiate out into the room. In this silence, they each discovered the place where the mind no longer judges or evaluates, where the will lets go of outcome, where intention becomes clear and focused -- and the pulse begins. Some described the pulse as sitting inside the heartbeat of God, others as being connected to the breathing of the universe, and still others simply as a deep feeling of pure love. Soon they were easily able to go into the pulse and direct its healing energy to balance emotions and relieve physical symptoms.

Recently one of them wrote and shared this story. It happened shortly after our training week together.

Dear Jo,

I am a supervising nurse in a rehabilitation hospital, where people are usually admitted only in the last stages of care.

One night, I was called to help a nurse who was having trouble starting an IV. When I entered the room, there in the bed was a young man we'll call Tom. Barely in his 40s, Tom should still have had his whole life ahead of him -- and yet he was in the final stages of cancer, with only a short time left to live. The cancer had spread to his spine, and he was in constant, excruciating pain.

As I approached him, my guidance told me I was there for a bigger purpose than starting an IV, and I was prompted to begin a conversation with him. So I asked him to tell me about himself.

Tom described to me his loving family and friends, and his thriving business. I asked him, ''If you had a chance to change this situation, would you want to?'' and his answer was a strong yes.

I explained a little about the Pulse technique I had just learned, and he said he wanted me to work with him.

I arranged not to be disturbed, and was able very quickly to go into the pulse. It was strong, almost palpable. The entire room was immediately energized and filled with a blissful, peaceful feeling. Tom seemed completely at peace as we continued to sit together in the pulse. After about 15 minutes, I felt the shift and told him it was done.

The next day, when I went to work, I was told that Tom had been transferred to another hospital for evaluation testing. But the nursing supervisor told me that Tom's wife had come back to get the rest of his things, and had been very excited as she told the supervisor that all of Tom's tests had come back negative. They could no longer find any sign of the cancer anywhere. He was vibrantly healthy and completely free of pain. He was being discharged home that day, completely healed!

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