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"THE QUICKENING" Issue ("Die Beschleunigung")

October, 2011

We are happy to present new articles, videos and messages for the new issue of Spirit of Ma'at.

HIGH-SPEED, NINTH-WAVE, 4-D SHIFT (Video at Youtube)

With Don Alejandro and Drunvalo Melchizedek

It isn't our practice to post videos on the main page of the magazine, but this is a media presentation that deserves headline status. What you are about to watch is approximately fifteen-minutes of information that is 100% relevant to where we find ourselves at the moment. It includes footage of Mayan Elder Don Alejandro reminding us where the heart lies. His words are reinforced by scientific data that points out the connection between the Earth's Magnetic Field and the increase and intensification of Solar Flare activity coming off of the Sun. All of this is followed up with footage of Drunvalo explaining the physics and metaphysics of a polar shift. Time is flying, and as we all know 'a picture is worth a thousand words', so give yourself fifteen minutes to absorb this uplifting and enlightening presentation on what it actually means to pass through the Eye of the Needle.

FLORDEMAYO - Wise Woman of the Earth

By Donna Strong

The following interview comes from a conversation that took place between 'AWARENESS' Magazine's, Donna Strong and well known Wise Woman and spiritual healer, Flordemayo. A powerful voice for the women of the world, years of living in direct communion with the feminine mysteries have brought Flordemayo out from behind the scenes to remind us that the time has come for all of us to return to the unconditionally loving light of the Female. On 11:11:11 this remarkable teacher and healer will be one of the Elders at the Crystal Skull Gateway Ceremonies in LA; rumor has it that she will be a keynote speaker at that event. Because of this, we thought it might be a good idea to introduce you to Flordemayo, and her wisdom, by posting an interview that will give you a clear sense of what the power of the female is really all about.


By Cal Garrison

The disaster ridden buildup to the 2012 Winter Solstice has a lot of us wondering if we're going to make it that far. The last few years have been such a wild, apocalyptic ride, none of us are sure what's going on. If we've been in the dark, we must now prepare to enter the light - because Hunbatz Men, Pedro Pablo Chuc Pech, the Mayan Elders, and the Thirteen Crystal Skulls are about to fulfill a prophecy which foretells of the re-awakening of the Spirit of the North American Continent. Plans are in place for a cross-country pilgrimage that will begin in New York City on October 27th. The rest of the story suggests that what begins at the end of this month will open the space for all of humanity to wake up by the time the Sun and the Earth go into alignment with Galactic Center. It's almost too good to be true, so if you're up for the best news anyone has heard in a long time, check out this article and be sure to pass it on!


By Cal Garrison

If you've kept up with the Comet Elenin scenario you know that everyone has something to say about it - and everyone who has something to say is convinced that they're right. It's fascinating to read the reports and sift through the various expert opinions on the subject. About a month ago, many of the experts were caught by surprise when Elenin pulled a stunt that sent everyone who thought they had it all figured out back to the drawing board. When Cal heard the news, it set off a chain reaction that that began with a thorough review of her, "Debbie Downer of Doomsday" outlook and wound up making her wonder if the comet might have vaporized into a cloud of Ascension dust. As she tells the story of what went on in her head on the day Elenin went poof, Cal invites us to check in and see if we too are beginning to notice that some magical, invisible force has definitely turned things around.


From Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd.

This is a really good, two-part video interview that is well worth the time it takes to watch it - as long as your mind has already stretched far enough to include the incredulous! In it, Alfred Lambremont Webre converses with an individual by the name of Tolec; Tolec's off-world connections make him a fountainhead of insight into Comet Elenin, the Brown Dwarf, Tekoma, and a multitude of other issues and questions. Quite honestly, we have no idea whether there is any substance to this information - but it seems to be credible and it sheds new light on some of the more burning questions of the day. Whenever we post this type of material we advise you to use your discernment. Check it out for yourself and see what you think.


By Jo Mooy

The stir surrounding Comet Elenin has raised enough fear and uncertainty to leave many people feeling helpless and impotent. Even though there is plenty of evidence to defend the notion that the comet poses absolutely no threat to our survival, in this month's article Jo Mooy asks us to look at what our response would be if there was no doubt that the world was going to end on October 16th. It's an interesting question, the answer to which will be different for everyone. You will be happy to know that Jo's answer is not laced with gloom and doom; far from it. Her take on the prospect of total annihilation isn't the least bit fearful; she is steady, and grounded, and ready for anything. If you're up for a fresh perspective on the way things are, check out this short and sweet, 'Chicken Soup for the End Times' article from Jo Mooy.


By CC Treadway

This is a really interesting article in which CC asks us to look at how we define abundance. As the financial institutions of the world crumble, the question is both timely and relevant. Since most of us have issues that revolve around finding a way to live in harmony with our spiritual goals and figure out how to make a living at the same time, at the point where money loses its value, how do we tap into other channels and methods of support and exchange? In exploring the ways in which we have come to define abundance, CC leads us to the place that understands that it comes from within. Once we get there, she reminds us that tapping into that flow has as much to do with knowing we are always taken care of, as it does with knowing how to take care of ourselves.

Where does fear really live in us?

By Dr. Judith Long

Cathartic experiences come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they hit us square in the eye and sometimes they creep up on us. Our friend Judith got hit with a little bit of both when she came down with a relentless stomach ache that turned out to be caused by an infestation of intestinal parasites. Following several attempts to handle the problem herself, within a day or two she found her way to a Digestive Health Practitioner here in Sedona. After a series of colonic treatments Judith had a complete and total epiphany; with each cleansing she could see that the parasites in her body were acting as hosts for all of her deepest and oldest fears. What she could also see, is how important it is to make sure we stay abreast of our issues and make peace with ourselves at the end of each day. If you're up for a great essay on the nature of parasitic reactions and the wonders of the body-mind connection, you will enjoy Dr. Long's article.

Emergency Preparedness: Remedies

By Phoenix Rising Star

When Phoenix fell down the emergency preparedness Rabbit Hole, little did she know how deep it would go; a few months and three articles later she's turning into an expert on the art of what to do when life shifts into survival mode. This month, she gets into talking about what kinds of remedies are good to have on hand when the going gets so close to the bone that you'd be stuck without them. To help her figure it out she asked two healers who know their stuff to send her a list of the top ten remedies that they would consider essential in the face of any emergency. Lo and behold, they came up with a stockpile of information that is worth its weight in gold and that will be of great use to anyone who wants to know more about being prepared for anything. Save this one and print it out. Special thanks to Rhonda Phillips and Jana Shiloh for sharing their wisdom so generously.


By Julia Griffin

Like so many of us, Julia has been pondering the meaning of current events and wondering how the raft of predictions and Earth Changes will play out. Those of you who have taken your concerns over the fate of the world to a prayerful place, have probably noticed how well life responds when we approach it from within. If whenever we go to that place we call on the Archangels to help us, at this point it might be time to include a request for a clear vision of the New Earth in all of our meditations — because it is in that direction that we are going. We can wonder how intense/bad/difficult things are going to get, but it would be far better to beam in on the reality of a higher vibrational experience and attune ourselves to the way things work in the next dimension. According to Julia, we can do more to change the world and more to heal the Earth once we figure out how to shift up and live at the quantum level.


By Sarah Biermann

Sarah starts out this month's article as an etymology lesson and goes on from there to talk about what happens to us every time we have to make a decision. When there's too much going on the number of decisions increases exponentially and we wind up coming down with what Sarah calls, "Decision Fatigue". According to her it isn't only the BIG decisions; the accumulation of all the little things we have to make up our mind about by the end of each day can just as easily wipe us out. In the end she gets us thinking about how the complexity in our lives wears us down energetically and winds up reminding us that we would all be better off if we could make the choice to just keep things simple.

Time and Creation   (Deutsch)

By Norma Gentile

What if time were not just linear or non-linear, but capable of existing in different forms within each dimension? Time is not unique to our third dimension, but its expression within our dimension is unique. What if time were an expression of the consciousness of each Being? If this is true, how do we reconcile the fact that time is an illusion? Does this mean that we too, are an illusion? Or is this discussion just a good way to explain why our perceptions of time are changing rapidly and do not seem to conform to any particular formula? Strap on your seatbelts. If you're up for a bit of a mind bender Norma's October article engages the Spirit of the Magdalene to take you on a ride through the physics and metaphysics of time, its relationship to the Creation process, and the current need to birth all of our creations from a non-linear place.


Links and Videos

Conscious Media Showcase

Spirit of Ma'at Showcase

This month's media showcase is out of control! Don't ask us what happened but, the video articles just kept pouring in; by the end of September it still hadn't stopped. If this has something to do with the fact that life on this planet is speeding up, we're here to tell you that, as far as the information pipeline goes, the Truth definitely seems to be in a big hurry to get out in the open - and it's coming at us from every direction. What you will find in our October lineup ranges from a full boat of commentary on the 2012 scenario, to a great conversation with the one and only David Adair, to a clip with Dolores Cannon and George Noory talking about the reality of the Hollow Earth. We even found a great piece on "What Happened to the 100 MPG Car?" For those of you who can't get enough of the Dark Forces we have included the usual round of updates on their affairs — and for our friends who like to keep the Light on, get ready for an uplifting selection of inspirational presentations that will open your heart and totally blow your mind! Welcome to our October media showcase — once again we invite you to pull up a chair, turn on the part of your brain that wants to wake up, and tune in to some of the best consciousness raising videos that we have seen in a long time.

News and Announcements

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Drunvalo's Workshop Schedule:

For those of you who wish to learn from Drunvalo personally, dates for both the Basic and Advanced Earth-Sky-Heart Workshops are listed below.

Formal registration forms are available at www.drunvalo.net.

November 28 — December 02 — AWAKENING THE ILLUMINATED HEART — Sedona, Arizona

January 22-26, 2012 — AWAKENING THE ILLUMINATED HEART — Chapala, Mexico (Spanish and English)

The Crystal Skulls will be in Sedona on November 7th, 2010 - Angel Valley

More information as to exact schedule, costs and timings will be sent in the next week or so.

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Led by Peruvian Shaman and Mystic, Jorge Luis Delgado - author of 'Andean Awakening - an Inca Guide to Mystical Peru'

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A Sound Healing

Light and Dark   (Deutsch)

Sound Healing with Norma Gentile

Norma's October sound healing is a perfect reflection of the times we're in. Moving back and forth between the joyful, hope-filled tones of the major keys to the more mournful frequencies of the minor ones, she and Altamira replicate the going-in-and-out-of-balance energies that have so many of us wondering what it will take to get centered. If you feel like you're ready to settle into a more unified groove, turn up the volume and let the sound of Norma's voice help you to find the still-point that lives somewhere between the up and the down. To tune in, click here:

See also Norma Gentile's CD 'Songs Of Spirit' — Live Sound Healings.


Tune in to Cyrilla's conversation with

Cosmologist, Author, Senior Business Woman, Planetary healer, and Inspirational Speaker Dr. Jude Currivan

Cyrilla's October interview with Dr. Jude Currivan is one of the best conversations we've heard in a long time. It starts out with Dr. Currivan talking about her experience being in Japan at the time of the Tsunami and goes on to applaud the Japanese people for their grace in the face of total disaster. She and Cyrilla also explore the significance and symbolism of Japan's Karma around the whole issue of nuclear power. Between the lines Jude takes us all the way back to Japan's Lemurian roots, and proceeds to fast-forward to present time to discuss Thorium, and recent innovations that offer a beneficial solution to the problem of radiation and nuclear waste. All of this leads up to the burning question of the day, which is: "How do we find ways to fix what's broken and what will our new infrastructures have to look like in order for life on this planet to continue?" Dr. Currivan's experience as a leader in the world of business and finance makes her somewhat of an authority on how to get things to work on those levels. This is a full bodied interview that covers the metaphysics of global change and addresses the fundamental issues that are beginning to confront us now that it's time to turn the world around. We invite you to tune in to an inspiring and hopeful conversation that is bound to lift your spirits and stir your visions of what life could be like on the New Earth.

Cyrilla Gallagher is a professional radio host whose show focuses on personal growth, ancient and modern wisdom, and an examination of the changes that are taking place on the planet. Each month she invites people who are making a difference in the world to join her on the show and talk about the ways in which their work is contributing to the evolution of consciousness. Click here to find out more about Cyrilla Gallagher and Aspiro Life show.

Morning Messages

Transform and Transmute Fear

Through Peggy Black

Peggy Black began receiving messages from her guides back in the Seventies. They first came to her in the form of stick figures, multi-dimensional 'sprites' who danced lithely across the pages of her sketch book. As her life changed and her connection to the invisible realms deepened, Peggy began to receive audible messages from the very same spirits who came dancing into her life forty years ago. Ever since she began to 'hear' her guides, she has channeled their every word onto paper. Her 'Morning Messages' are direct transmissions from a group of Souls who have a lot to say about life, and about the changes that are calling all of us to create a unified vision of a new and better world. This month's message:

Transform and Transmute Fear   (Deutsch) As the Ninth Wave carries us to the next level of consciousness we are being exposed to all kinds of reports and information regarding the timing and the full import of upcoming cosmic events. Much of this data is fear based, even more of it is just plain false, and all of it is hard to put into perspective unless we go into our hearts and view it from within. While it appears as if everything is ready to go caput, higher forms of energy are charging the Unified Field with a new light that is out of this world. In their October message, Peggy and 'The Team' move us to understand that when we attune ourselves to these new vibrations, it alters our perceptions in a way that allows us to feel, and sense, and know that we truly are the light of the world. Our thanks go out to 'The Team' for always looking on the bright side! This is a timely and well spoken message that will inspire you to shine and open your heart wide enough to be, "One of the ones we have been waiting for".

If you're up for a dose of inspiration or a little something to remind you what you're here for, check out these channeled messages from Peggy Black and her Team. About "Morning Messages": The Unfolding Process.

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"The Birth Of A New Humanity"

A great new DVD with Drunvalo Melchizedek. This is your opportunity to receive the first edition of Drunvalo's most recent communication on the consciousness shift and the Earth changes that make the times we're in the most incredible moment in history. This DVD includes Drunvalo's account of the work that has been done on the crystalline grid that surrounds the planet, his perspective on current events and their relationship to the Atlantis cataclysm, the untold story of the Indigenous ones and the Star People who are here now to help us find our way through the Great Shift of the Ages, and much, much more. Don't miss this one; it is worth watching and sharing over and over again.
Languages: English, French (Francais), Spanish (Espanol), German (Deutsch), Russian (), Hungarian (Magyar).

El Camino Blanco — The White Road — Visions Of The Indigenous People Of The Americas

"The White Road" is a documentation of the Fifth Reunion of the Indigenous Elders and Priests of North and South America. It traces the steps of the wisdom keepers as they follow "El Camino Blanco", otherwise known as the pathway to spiritual knowledge, all the way from Merida, through the ancient temple complexes of the Yucatan Peninsula. For those of you who are familiar with Drunvalo's book, the 'Serpent of Light', this is the film version of his account of the ceremonies that led to the purification of the Mayaland. People from all over the world came to be part of this experience, one which, on the etheric level, marked the beginning of humanity's voyage through the Ascension Portal. Suitable for all ages, this timely and inspiring film is now available in the Ma'at Shop.