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April, 2011

We are happy to present new articles, videos and messages for the new issue of Spirit of Ma'at.


By Cal Garrison

No one needs to tell us that the news has been filled with all kinds of hair-raising reports — headlines and stories we never thought we'd have to find so hard to believe. If the full import of the Deep Water Horizon debacle hasn't shocked us into wondering what we have to look forward to, the enormity of the more recent three-way disaster over in Japan will hopefully prompt us to raise that question. As we try to make sense of the idea that things seem to be getting more than a little fishy around here it becomes a whole lot easier to sort out once we stop long enough to look at the back side of what's going on. In her April article Cal Garrison talks about knowing enough to tell the difference between truth and lies, and walking the fine line that keeps us centered on the truth when what we find hard to believe turns out to be even worse than we thought.

The Dark Night Of The Soul

By Stephen Thomson

With so many different influences making it hard to see the light, Steve Thomson decided to talk to us about what happens when we lose sight of the fact that even the worst case scenario is exactly "as it should be". Saints, sinners, and poets have tried to get to the bottom of what takes place inside us when we find ourselves plumbing the depths of utter and complete despair. As we contemplate the meaning of world events, those of us who are empathic enough to feel the energies that are exploding all around us have to find a way to center ourselves and remain clear in our hearts no matter what's going on. In a timely and relevant article Steve shares his thoughts on what it means to take the good with the bad and tells us how it works for him when he finds himself stranded in the shadows that fill the Dark Night of the Soul.

Birth Of A New Humanity

by Cynthia Olivera De Kapp

Within days of the recent three-way disaster in Japan the following essay arrived in our in-box. It came along with a note from its author inviting us to read and consider posting it in our April issue. We've known Cynthia for a long time and as much as she always stays on top of, and loves to look at the way things are, it takes a lot for her to sit down and write about it. When we read this article we knew it came from the heart and we had a feeling it would inspire you. Cynthia's thoughts about what happened in Japan will strike a chord with anyone who needs to be reminded that it's time for us to be the ones we have been waiting for.

The Earthquake Changed Our Brains (And How We Think)

By Norma Gentile

What happens when the Earth shifts a few degrees in less than twenty-four hours? What happens when Uranus, ruler of polar shifts and all things electromagnetic, positions itself at a point on the Ecliptic that from an astrological perspective governs all of humanity? Norma is a deep thinker and it looks like her brain has been tacked to the Japan catastrophe long enough to follow her train of thought to a point of clear understanding. If everything on the planet is a receiver for, and a transmitter of, the energies that are coming out of Mother Earth right now, could it be that all of our circuits have shifted in ways that just might allow us to release ourselves from the shackles of pain and suffering. In her April article Norma gives us another way to look at the debacle in Japan and reminds us that in all things, 'Gaia knows best".

Manifesting With The Icosahedron In Metatron's Cube

By Phoenix Rising Star

In the fourth of a series of articles that address the concept of manifestation and how to use the Platonic Solids to enhance our abilities in that area, Phoenix talks to us about her experience with the Icosahedron. Within the symmetries that are inherent in this aspect of Metatron's Cube we find the blueprint for water. Using the Law of Correspondence to help us draw the connection between the essence of water and what happens when we bring the energy of the Icosahedron into our hearts, Ms. Rising Star shows us how easy it is to access to everything in Creation.

Spider Woman Speaks Of The Seven Sacred Objects Of The Lakota/Dakota Sioux

From Dhyana Markley

In the fourth of a series of seven channelings that were transmitted through Dhyana Markley back in 1995, Spider Woman uses seven, seemingly unrelated objects to deliver a message to the people of the Lakota/Dakota Sioux Nation. In the years that have passed since these words were first spoken, the message seems to have stretched beyond the boundaries of a single tribe and is now relevant to all of us. As you read about the seven sacred objects that the Weaver of the Universal Matrix consecrated to the Lakota, pay close attention to what gets stirred within your soul. At a time when the entire planet is ringing like a bell, the secrets of each totem hold teachings that will help and inspire anyone who takes them to heart.

Spring Journey

By Julia Griffin

We weren't sure if Julia was going to come up with an article this month. By the 28th of March, with a retrograde Mercury about to coincide with our April deadline we figured it wasn't going to happen — but something told us there was no way she would be able to remain silent because if anything, our friend in Atlanta is a vigilant observer and we knew she had to be thinking about what's happened in Japan. Sure enough, at the last minute Julia was moved to put her thoughts into words. We invite you to read what she has to say about how to find a way to place the events of 3/11/2011 in a context that will help us remember who we are and how to be whenever forces that only appear to be larger than life overwhelm our senses.

Riding The Waves & The Undertow

By Heather Fraser

Like everyone else on the planet Heather is trying to make sense of the things that have come down since March 11. If none of us can figure out what to make of this, it's good to know that we're not alone. It looks like Heather goes between feeling exhilarated by the influx of higher dimensional energies that are beginning to open our eyes and our hearts, and being totally wiped out by darker forces that seem Hell-bent on dragging us down. On a morning when the sun was shining and her head was above water for a few hours Heather decided to sit down and write about the ins-and-outs of coming up for air when the waters of life are overflowing with grief and despair. For a good dose of spiritual CPR we invite you to let her tell you how she manages to stay afloat.

Earth Changes and the Empath

By CC Treadway

It would be enough if we just had to deal with a solar flare or two, but the energies that have erupted since the Three Headed Disaster in Japan have intensified to the point where anyone who's the least bit empathic is wandering around feeling like a receptacle for grief and despair. This is just the way it goes when you're the sensitive sort — the problem is, if we're the ones who are supposed to be holding steady in our hearts there's no way we can be here for any of this if we're not clear enough to gather our strength when the catastrophic element turns our gift for picking up on every little thing into a handicap. CC's April article will be helpful to anyone who needs to remember how to stand tall and remain centered even when the earth and the collective soul are awash in a sea of fear and disaster.

Cosmic Weather Report: Has The New Year Started Yet?

By Sarah Biermann

Sarah's April article gives us some great insight into the significance of the "4" Energy inherent in the numerology of 2011. As she goes on to talk about how to make the best use of that energy, Sarah includes a Guided Meditation that is meant to help us go within and connect with what we need to do, individually and collectively, to step into our future selves. As our Solar System, the Earth, and our bodies process changes that seem to be turning everything around, Sarah's perspective on how to land on our feet no matter what's going on will give you something to think about.

Confessions Of A Spiritual Teacher: Thank God (Dess) I Don't Have To Be Perfect

By Sarah Biermann

Many of us are caught up in the belief that we have to be spiritually perfect before we can start sharing our wisdom. This is an issue that all of us can relate to but it seems to be even more of an issue for anyone who works as a spiritual healer or teacher. The idea that one has to be an angel or an Ascended Master to own the right to know something is one of the biggest "Woo-woo" misconceptions on the planet. In the second of two articles that were written for the month of April Sarah shares some of the more recent highlights from her imperfection trips and talks to us about what happens when we are too ashamed of ourselves to shine. For those of us who think we have to be spiritually perfect before we can get down to the business of actualizing our purpose, Ms. Biermann is here with a few words to remind us that there is nothing more spiritual than being ourselves.

The Return Of The White Flame Of The Cosmic Mother. Lemurian Reactivation Ceremony in New Zealand

By Kata

It's been a while since we've heard from Kata and the kids at the "Lemurian Connection". All of a sudden they've popped up again, just in time to shed some light on the bright side of the universal equation. With so much darkness flooding to the surface we hear more about the fear end of things, it's easy to forget that there is just as much light rising up at the same time. We are delighted to know that Kata and the kids are still making magic in faraway places and just as happy to hear that the Cosmic Mother is in good hands. For an armchair trip into an experience that will make you wish you'd been there for it, read what Kata has to say about her journey to New Zealand.

Sound Healing a Tree!

By Jo Mooy

As the pathway into the Age of Light widens in front of us the quantum field is turning into a household word. The idea that we live in a wave form universe and that everything comes down to vibration and resonance is no longer a secret. Many of us have even made it our business to know as much about how life operates on those levels as we can. If we understand these things from an intellectual perspective, it's always a treat when someone comes along with a story that proves all of it to be true without a whole lot of talk and fanfare. You will enjoy this article. Jo's account of her tree reminds us that life is full of opportunities to tap into the mysteries of the unified field.


Links and Videos

Conscious Media Showcase

The Spirit of Ma'at April 2011 Video Showcase

There is so much calling us to open our eyes and it's no secret that now is the time. If the cataclysmic forces that have only begun to shake things up have done anything, they have served to get us to stop long enough to read the signs. Because most of us are too busy to get all the way to the bottom of anything, media articles give us a chance to absorb more information a lot quicker. With the horror in Japan blowing the lid off more truth and the lies than we've seen in a long time, the only way to keep up with the story is to watch videos or tune in to audio interviews and get the information directly from the people who are writing and talking about it. Our April line-up has everything from the story behind the Fukushima blowout, to an awesome conversation with Omega Model CIA programmed, renegade super warrior Duncan O'Finioan. Along with a number of clips that cover the ongoing issues in the Gulf of Mexico, we highly recommend, 'Zeitgeist - Moving Forward', the latest in the Zeitgeist series. Welcome to our April 2011 Media Showcase. We invite you to tune in and give yourself an hour or three to get out of the box and keep up with the times.


News and Announcements

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For news about Drunvaloýs workshops, travel schedule and Worldwide Web Live Broadcasts please go to www.drunvalo.net.

Drunvalo's Workshop Schedule:

For those of you who wish to learn from Drunvalo personally, dates for both the Basic and Advanced Earth-Sky-Heart Workshops are listed below.

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May 2 to May 6 — Advanced Workshop — Sedona, Arizona

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October 17 to October 21 — Advanced Workshop — Sedona, Arizona



Live interviews with Host, Cyrilla Gallagher, for Aspiro Life on the Spirit of Ma’at Network

Cyrilla Gallagher is a professional radio host whose show focuses on personal growth, ancient and modern wisdom, and an examination of the changes that are taking place on the planet. Back in October, she began hosting monthly interviews with the people we most want to hear from, on the topics we most want to hear about.

Cyrilla's April guest is Diana Cooper. She is a writer and spiritual teacher who hails from the British Isles. A conductor of courses and author of books that delve into the mysteries of Unicorns, Angels, Archangels, Elementals, Orbs, and the Ascended Masters, Ms. Cooper has a lot of interesting things to say about matters that pertain to the birth of the New Paradigm.

Cyrilla is open to suggestions; if there is someone you would like her to have on the show you can let her know via email at: cyrilla@aspirolifestyle.ca



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Sacred Travel

FALL EQUINOX JOURNEY TO AVALON — September 18 — 28, 2011

With Cal Garrison and Manon Tromp

If you've always wanted to find your way back to Avalon, don't put it off any longer; consider taking off with Cal Garrison and Manon Tromp on a tour that will be of interest to anyone who resonates with the Old Ways and would love a chance to reconnect with those traditions in the land where Merlin, and the secrets of the Holy Grail are still alive and well. For more information, click on the following link: www.spiritofmaat.com/feb11/avalon_trip.html



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Flower of Life Products

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Aspiro Life is proud to present a new interview for you this month. Tune in to Cyrilla's conversation with British author and teacher

Diana Cooper

Tune in to Cyrilla's conversation with Diana Cooper, an author and writer of books whose work is devoted to informing her readers about the spiritual realms. Well known for her knowledge of angels, archangels, unicorns, the Ascended masters, and every species of Elemental, including the Faeries, in an hour long talk with our good friend Cyrilla, Ms. Cooper delivers a body of information that taps into the Atlantean mysteries, delves into the true nature of what are commonly referred to as "Orbs", and looks at the secrets of the Ascension process and the 2012 scenario from her own unique perspective. We know you will enjoy what we feel is a timely and informative interview that will be of interest to anyone who wants to see what the End Times might look like on the other side of the 2012 Winter Solstice.

Cyrilla Gallagher is a professional radio host whose show focuses on personal growth, ancient and modern wisdom, and an examination of the changes that are taking place on the planet. Each month she invites people who are making a difference in the world to join her on the show and talk about the ways in which their work is contributing to the evolution of consciousness. Click here to find out more about Cyrilla Gallagher and Aspiro Life show.

Morning Messages

Morning Messages

Through Peggy Black

Peggy Black began receiving messages from her guides back in the Seventies. They first came to her in the form of stick figures, multi-dimensional 'sprites' who danced lithely across the pages of her sketch book. As her life changed and her connection to the invisible realms deepened, Peggy began to receive audible messages from the very same spirits who came dancing into her life forty years ago. Ever since she began to 'hear' her guides, she has channeled their every word onto paper. Her 'Morning Messages' are direct transmissions from a group of Souls who have a lot to say about life, and about the changes that are calling all of us to create a unified vision of a new and better world.

RIDE THE GALACTIC WAVES As Mother Earth responds to the evolutionary forces that call her to ascend to the next level, Peggy and the "Team" have come through with a message that will be useful to anyone who wants to figure out how to make the trip a little easier. With so much channeled information echoing the same old thing, isn't it great to know that someone out there wants to tell us more about how to do this? Because we already know that life is shifting; what we need to know now is how to open the receptors that will allow us to receive the input that is coming in fast and furious enough to blow us completely away. If the changes in the magnetic field have you feeling out of synch the "Team" is here with some great, up to the minute advice on how to find our way around in an expanded universe and how to recalibrate our senses in the midst of a consciousness shift.

If you're up for a dose of inspiration or a little something to remind you what you're here for, check out these channeled messages from Peggy Black and her Team. About "Morning Messages": The Unfolding Process.

A Sound Healing

"The Heart of Chaos"

Sound Healing with Norma Gentile

In the midst of chaos it is always possible to find the point of stillness that holds space for all of it to exist and around which everything in Creation revolves. At this tumultuous and uncertain moment in time Norma and her Hathor guide, Atamira offer us an opportunity to connect with the one thing that makes it possible to keep it together. Recorded live under the light of the Vernal Equinox and a full Moon, what you are about to hear was performed in front of an audience in a concert in Portland, Oregon on March 19th, 2011.

See also Norma Gentile's CD 'Songs Of Spirit' — Live Sound Healings.

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Earth Sky / Living in the Heart 2006 Tokyo Workshop DVD series

This is a workshop that was given to the Japanese people in Tokyo, Japan in 2006 by Drunvalo Melchizedek. It is both an Earth Sky workshop and a Living in the Heart workshop combined. It is approximately 18 hours long. Herein is the information that continues beyond the Mer-Ka-Ba. Such as the Beams of Light from the pineal gland, the opening of the Third Eye, the directions of how to enter into your heart space, and how to reconnect the heart to the brain. Once connected the understanding of creating from the heart is revealed. This is the knowledge of ascension. It is both in English and Japanese, with an all Japanese audience.

Living in the Heart Sticker

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"The Birth Of A New Humanity"

A great new DVD with Drunvalo Melchizedek. This is your opportunity to receive the first edition of Drunvalo's most recent communication on the consciousness shift and the Earth changes that make the times we're in the most incredible moment in history. This DVD includes Drunvalo's account of the work that has been done on the crystalline grid that surrounds the planet, his perspective on current events and their relationship to the Atlantis cataclysm, the untold story of the Indigenous ones and the Star People who are here now to help us find our way through the Great Shift of the Ages, and much, much more. Don't miss this one; it is worth watching and sharing over and over again.
Languages: English, French (Francais), Spanish (Espanol), German (Deutsch), Russian (Ðóññêèé), Hungarian (Magyar).

El Camino Blanco — The White Road — Visions Of The Indigenous People Of The Americas

“The White Road” is a documentation of the Fifth Reunion of the Indigenous Elders and Priests of North and South America. It traces the steps of the wisdom keepers as they follow “El Camino Blanco”, otherwise known as the pathway to spiritual knowledge, all the way from Merida, through the ancient temple complexes of the Yucatan Peninsula. For those of you who are familiar with Drunvalo`s book, the `Serpent of Light`, this is the film version of his account of the ceremonies that led to the purification of the Mayaland. People from all over the world came to be part of this experience, one which, on the etheric level, marked the beginning of humanity’s voyage through the Ascension Portal. Suitable for all ages, this timely and inspiring film is now available in the Ma`at Shop.