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Manifesting with the Star Tetrahedron in Metatron's Cube (Deutsch) (Español)

By Phoenix Rising Star

I always know when there's something that needs my attention when I hear several people in one day mention the same thing. Yesterday was Star Tetrahedron Consciousness Day. Not officially, but suddenly everyone seemed to be talking about polarities. Polarity between male and female. Polarity between creation and destruction. Polarity of opposites everywhere.

Because the third dimension is about opposites.

From destruction comes creation.

Our cells die and create new ones.

From negativity comes strength.

There are blessings of empowerment behind each discouraging event in our lives.

In this world, we are meant to have both polarities.

That got me thinking. The Star Tetrahedron is heaven and earth together. The upward pointing tetrahedron (heaven) and the downward pointing tetrahedron (earth). Male (upward pointing) and female (downward pointing). Upflow and downflow. Created from our original eight cells, the Star Tetrahedron is both a potential of who we are and a record of our experiences. The balance of male and female. The balance of heaven and earth. The balance of all that is in this third dimensional world.

What is balance? Honoring both polarities. Accepting both polarities. Embracing both polarities. Understanding we have both polarities within ourselves. Knowing that without both, we are out of balance. Without both, we are nothing.

The first teachings of Star Tetrahedron Consciousness is about living in the third dimension. Teaching us the balance of yin/yang through embracing both yin/yang. Embracing it within ourselves. Embracing it outside of ourselves.

This does not mean we give up our identity. This does not mean we silently condone actions that are inhumane. It means we embrace ourselves even more because we understand we are made up of masculine and feminine energies. We are creation and destruction. We are left and right brains. We are both. When we embrace both, we are one with the third dimension. This is the knowledge, awareness, and embodiment that leads us into oneness, into unity consciousness, into the fourth dimension. Not by denying the polarities or refusing to deal with them. But by embracing them. The balance of all without forgoing the uniqueness of each.

Until we reach that total balance within ourselves, we won't go "home". We won't get to the fourth dimension. We will continue to struggle, to fight, to polarize one view and sacrifice the balance.

How do we achieve this balance with deep understanding and acceptance of being polar opposites?

Through love.

Free unconditional love. The second teaching of Star Tetrahedron Consciousness, otherwise known as Christ Consciousness.

Love without conditions, constraints, demands, expectations, etc.

Unconditional love. The kind that says, 'I have enough divine love to go around. Would you like some?' and freely sharing that without placing conditions on it.

Free, as in I give this to you because I can. Not conditional as in, I give this to you but you have to love me back (or show me, or buy me something, or give me something, etc.)

Divine love. Not your personal love.

Try sharing free unconditional love with a person of the opposite sex. Particularly one you might be struggling with. "Here. I have some extra divine love. Have some."

In doing this, you create a pathway for divine love to come into you first, and the other person second. Creating a compassionate connection between you. Helping you to understand the very things you've been struggling with. Helping you to see the very things that make you so upset are the very things within you that are being mirrored back to you. Helping you to see that you embody all aspects. You embody your uniqueness, and that of your friend/partner/enemy. And by loving them, you are healing those within yourself and those outside yourself. Balance through love.

Embracing the consciousness of the Star Tetrahedron through balance and Christ Consciousness.

The hardest part of this seems to be finding the way to be the unconditional love.

To living in the heart.

To allowing the divine love to come into us.

To allow ourselves to share the divine love with others.

There are teachings to this effect. Each of them offers a unique method for this. Some call it Living in the Heart. Some call it Deeksha. Some call it a Heartlink. There are others.

Find what works and use it to embrace the consciousness of the Star Tetrahedron.

As we begin manifesting with the Star Tetrahedron, has anyone noticed that all these manifestations begin and end with love and gratitude?

If we'd been manifesting from our heads instead of our hearts, we would have to send love to the polarity of our left and right brain first in order to become one, and then manifest from that space. In manifesting from our hearts, we begin with love and gratitude from our hearts, already in that place of oneness, of expansion, of no limits. Not only is it easier to create from the heart, but the results are more profound. The heart having its own toroid field, expands beyond time and space. It connects us to all that is.

The Star Tetrahedron's third teaching is to bring us back into our hearts, to find the source of creation within us and to manifest our realities from that space.


Manifesting with the Star Tetrahedron.

The Background:

The Star Tetrahedron is formed from connecting certain centers of the circles within Metatron's Cube, creating an upward pointing tetrahedron and a downward pointing tetrahedron, intersecting in the middle. This is the shape formed when our first eight cells are created. Those eight cells never die. They live as long as our body lives. Other cells die and are recreated. But these are who we are.

Our Star Tetrahedron is our representation of our physical body. We also have a star tetrahedron that represents our emotional body and our mental body. Together they create our spiritual body and contain records of all our experiences. Together they create a Star Tetrahedron Consciousness, comprising three ideals. Balance, unconditional love and creation.


Manifestation with the Star Tetrahedron:

Detailed directions here with a personal example. Following this is an abbreviated version for your personal use.

1. Have a manifesting goal ready. Phrase it in a manner for what is chosen, not what is not desired. This could be the same goal you used earlier with the dodecahedron, or a new goal.

I open myself to be totally in alignment with the natural flow of abundance and my higher purpose. I choose to receive all forms of abundance and richness in my life in alignment with my heart and my higher purpose, for everyone's highest good and healing. I am prepared for the sudden movement of this manifestation into my life with grace and ease. I choose to clear anything within my field that doesn't serve or match my manifestation with grace and ease. I choose to fill myself with energies, beliefs, emotions, experiences, love and light that match my manifestation.

I allow the divine to bring me this or something better.

2. Generate feelings of love and gratitude in whatever way is appropriate. Meditation, chanting, prayer, intention, whatever it takes.

3. Concentrate on Metatron's Cube, especially the Star Tetrahedron (See example 1). Study it with the mind. Notice the circles and lines. Close the eyes. Bring it into the heart. Merge entirely with this consciousness.

4. Ask these questions:

Q) Are there any parts of my manifestation goal that need balance? Are there any parts I'm avoiding, refusing to connect with, or denying? Are there parts that need extra love?

Insight and REED:

If so, I don't see it at this moment, but I allow the divine to bring me into total awareness of what is needed. I believe that the words 'natural flow' and 'all forms' and 'love and light' assist what gaps there may be, but I will send extra unconditional love to this manifestation just in case I'm missing something.

Just sitting with the manifestation in a field of love is all that's necessary to be the creator of my manifestation.

5. Write down other insights or awarenesses if necessary.

Clear any energies not in alignment with your focus. Replace them with higher vibrations to keep healing yourself.

6. Stay in meditation with the Star Tetrahedron, holding this in your heart with love and gratitude until it feels complete for now.


Abbreviated Steps for Personal Use:

1. Generate your focus. Write it down and play with the words until they feel right to your heart.

2. Open your heart to love and gratitude.

3. Begin studying Metatron's Cube, especially the Star Tetrahedron. Bring it into your heart. Close your eyes. Merge entirely with consciousness.

4. Ask the following questions and allow time after each one for insight and connection with the higher self:

Q) Is there any part of my manifestation goal that needs balance? Are there any parts I'm avoiding, refusing to connect with, or denying? Are there parts that need extra love?

Sit in a field of love with your manifestation and be the creator from your heart.

5. Write down insights or awareness if necessary. Be aware of the feedback from the universe. Use the REED process to change your focus.

Clear any energies not in alignment with your focus. Replace them with higher vibrations to keep healing yourself.

6. Stay in meditation with the Star Tetrahedron holding this in your heart with love and gratitude until it feels complete for now.


In loving service,
Phoenix Rising Star


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